Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Northumberland Auxiliary Unit Group Commanders.

The original AU Leader was Capt J "Peter" Robinson from Elford with early meetings at the farm and in Seahouses.

Lambert Carmichael was the leader of the north Northumberland area and over all commander of 202 in Northumberland his brother Alan Carmichael was the leader in mid Northumberland and Robert Hall was the leader. Lambert Carmichael did two periods of guard duty for the Royal family at Balmoral. We assume his patrol went as well though we can't confirm this. That would have been the Allerdene cell (O.B. not found as yet). He said the present Queen remembered him on the second visit as the "Tweedside Farmer". He also went grouse shooting around the Balmoral estate with the then King (George). The guard duty was to watch for German paratroops, there was a theory that they would try to kidnap or kill the King at Balmoral in order to demoralise the public.

This info came from an interview with Lambert Carmichael in 1968.