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Operation Chameleon - Improving Our Website For You

This page was last updated at 8:00am on 7/1/13

The main reason for needing to overhaul and update our website is to ensure it is more accessible for all. It needs to be W3c compliant.

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We have already completed phase one which is the new look website from January 2013 but this change is only a style and navigation improvement designed to show the professional designers the kind of thing we like.

The second phase will see a new skeleton being built for the site that will allow our CIO’s access to login and update and create their own county pages. For example Andy, our CIO for Yorkshire will be able to go to his county overview page seen here and he can then add and update patrol reports and maintain his own area at a time to suit him.

As mentioned the site will be more disability friendly and as we have older viewers the text will be scalable in size and the background colour can be altered to make reading the text easier.

We also plan to improve and simplify the overall navigation.

Patrol Report Improvements
Each patrol report will contain an area map allowing the viewer to see where it is located within the county. These will then appear as pins on a wider county map on the overview page.

All patrol reports will adopt the same style and this will be uniform across the site allowing the viewer to quickly and easily scan the page for the information they are after.

Viewers will be able to subscribe to a patrol report or to a county to be notified of any updates to that page in the future.

How much will it cost?

Web development is not cheap and the bill will stretch into the thousands. When we have exact quotes we will publish them here.

How much have you already got?

We have saved over £1,000 but are still a long way off.

How you can help

CART is a 'not for profit' group and is not supported by any company or financial body. We rely 100% on donations from the public or money generated from selling the various items in our shop. Without your help we cannot continue or update our website.

There are three ways you can donate.

Single Donation - You decide the amount.  £?  
Sponsor A Page - We add your name to the bottom of a page on the new website as a thank you.  £15

Sponsor A County - You sponsor a whole county and all the pages therein.   £75