Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Operational Base Discipline

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This is a document that was issued from Coleshill. It has been typed up by Paula Sykes and is a word for word translation including typos and bad grammar.

O.B. Discipline

1. General
Conversion of night into day fundamentally reverses mode of life. Patrol Leader’s responsibility to ensure that efficiency is not lost through lack of foresight nor through unrealistic rehearsals. Lecture is based on assumption that O.B. is perfectly ventilated, camouflaged, and construction completed.

2. Food
Rations are already cooked, and can be served cold or warmed up to eating temperature. Ration Packs are for emergency use only, and must not be squandered. Patrol Leader must give out exact and equal rations, and not allow them to help themselves as they feel like it.

No frying is to be permitted on any account.

Any cooking of locally obtained meat and vegetables should be done whilst the Patrol is away at night and so allow the O.B. to become well ventilated.

Patrols must eat to live, and not the reverse and should therefore take a pride in their economy of food rather than in extravagant meals.

Remember that there may be emergency demands, such as stray parties of one’s own troops, and no one can say when food will again be obtained.

Water Keep this sterilized and turned over.

3. Rum
Seal up the jar after each time it is broached. Be scrupulously fair in its distribution, and not over lavish. Best issued on return from Patrol.

4. Smoking
This MUST be controlled, and 10 – 15 minutes in each hour must be sufficient.
Remember it is not only a question of fresh air, but the give away of smoke fumes from the ventilator.

5. Sleep
It is essential to enforce “Lights Out” for about eight hours from dawn onwards. Existence otherwise becomes timeless, and nobody gets any proper rest, since there is always somebody talking or moving about.

6. Light
Although a brilliant petrol lamp gives a cheerful effect, it is a very doubtful benefit, as the glare, heat and noise are unconsciously tiring.

The hurricane lantern throws shadows where they are least wanted and are apt to smell.

The ordinary candle is worth more consideration, especially with white painted walls. The outlet must be continually checked for “Black Out”.

7. Care of Arms and Stores, etc
Dirt and Damp chief enemies. Constant care and cleaning necessary. Plenty of opportunity to do so, and should be a routine matter.

Cleanliness of O.B. essential – not only for care of arms etc but psychologically.

Respirators should be worn periodically and exposed to the air.

8. Mental Dullness
This is inevitable and must be relieved by mental gymnastics (pelmanism, etc) and by a few minutes rest in the open air on emerging from O.B. Extinguish all lights for 10 minutes before emerging so that men are not bewildered by contrast. Give each man a specific task on O.B maintenance so that he has something definite to do. Cleanliness is a good antidote.

Beware of pessimism and despondency, which are the natural outcome of failure and causalities. Ill feeling, which may arise from some mistake of patrol, should be checked.

9. Physical Fitness
Our work requires highest state of fitness. Patrol Leader must check up, and not allow unfit men to proceed on duty. Remember that normal functions will be upset by inverted mode of life. Have a supply of Health Salts or pills.

First Aid sets must be kept clean and a personal check of morphia tablets made by the Patrol Leader.

See that clothes are kept properly dried.

10. General Amenities
Playing cards, sealed tins of cigarettes, Dart Board, Radio Set.

Bedroom slippers or canvas shoes, lavatory paper, matches, pencils, needles and thread, bootlaces, soap, corks, vacuum flask.

24 hours of an Auxiliar’s Life (Winter)

1430 Reveille.

1515 Meal – Hot tea – cold food.
1600 - 1700 Clean O.B, wash up, make up beds. Inspect weapons, stores, equipment.

1700 – 1800 Stand easy – smoking allowed for 15 minutes.

1800 – 1900 Meal – hot tea – cold food. Smoking 15 minutes.

1900 – 2030 Prepare for night patrol.

2030 – 2045 Emerge and rest in open air.

2045 – 0545 Patrol – During absence, hot meal is cooked by next day’s Observer.

0600 Hot meal – after which observer moves to his task.

0700 Lights Out.

Download a modern 'word for word' replica of this document here