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Ringmer 'Fox' Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Ringmer Patrol had the code name "Fox"

Currently unknown

Captain Ralph Edmondson, a farmer and Commander of Group 2
Sergeant R G " Dick" Muddle, a garage mechanic
G S B "Smart" Andrew(s), a farmer
Henry Piper, a shepherd and farm hand
J Percy Smith, landlord of "The Cock Inn"
Thomas J Veness, a woodcutter
G P Wibberly, a professor in agriculture
M H Craig, a farmer.

The Ringmer Patrol in East Sussex found an unusual way to conceal their underground hideout which broke with the traditional aux unit approach.

They decided to site their hideout in an ancient mound of earth known as a ‘Motte’, believed to be the site of an old castle or camp.

A hole was dug into this mound; the hideout constructed and then covered over again, returning the mound to its original form. Despite only having a relatively light covering of soil the hideout has now collapsed to leave a disfigured memory of another use of this ancient monument…perhaps for future historians to ponder over!

Ringmer Operational Base

Ringmer Operational Base

Currently unknown

Currently unknown though it is assumed they trained at the regional HQ at Tottington Manor.

Currently unknown but it is assumed they had access to to standard arms and explosives.

Nothing currently

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