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Skaill/Forss Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Coastal location, open expanse of coastline around a rugged landscape, mixed with some arable land. Numerical designation: Patrol 2 of Group 1.

Auxiliary Units Number 1 Area. Group 1

Area Group Commander: Captain A.J. Thomson
Assistant Group Commander: 2/Lt J. Coghill

c 1940.

Patrol Leader: Sgt J. Begg
Cpl D.M. Manson
Pte T.M. Manson
Pte D. Shearer
Pte J. MacKay

North West of Loch Skiall there is situated a low ridge within a small former quarry and near to the Forss windmills, within the base of the former quarry is the location of the OB. It has since been partially covered by debris from field ploughing. Very little remains of the OB, but for some corrugated sheeting.

Possibility of the unfinished airbase at Dounreay being a target and coastal installations, supply routes as likely targets once occupation forces had settled in.

Local training and a’ round robin’ of training from Cameron Highlanders Scout section stationed at Halkirk.

Unknown at this time.

Nothing currently.

Geoff Leet
Hancock files
Nominal role 201 Battalion

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