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Skirlaugh Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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A patrol report on the Skirlaugh Auxiliary Unit Patrol in East Ridings by CART's Northumberland CIO, Stephen Lewins. If you can help with any info please contact us.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

If you have any information on this patrol or can help with research in this area please do contact us.

Part of Group N.5 with Catwick, Bewholme, Aldbrough and Hornsea (Goxhill)

The patrol was inaugurated in early 1941 with Group C/o Captain W Kitching being approached by Captain Peter Hollis to start the patrols in the Holderness area.

The Area Group Commander was Capt Walter Kitching (07/08/1897), The Assistant Group Commander was Captain Carrington (b.Dec1899) Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Robert G Hugill.

The following are the entries found in the Nominal Roll. 







Sgt. William Hanson Myers b.  16/4/95  JCIK 159/9  Benningholme Hall   Land Drainage Worker  
Cpl Joe Robson b.  7/12/16  JCIK 164/4 Woodhouse Farm  Threshing Foreman  
Arthur Clubley    JCIK 104/6 Shaftsbury Villas, Skirlaugh Farm Foreman He moved to Elm Tree Farm, Hutton Cranswick, Driffield.   
Pte Arthur Reap          
Pte Harry Guy b. 10/9/18 JCIM 36/6 White House Farm, Withernwick Tractor Driver Guy was discharged at sometime
Pte John Clubley   JCIR 8/3 Woodhouse Farm Farm Worker  
Pte Eric Curtis   JBKE 152/3 Woodhouse Farm Farm Worker  
Pte Harry Martin   JCIL 107/6 Church Cottages    

Patrol Members in September 1942 :-

W H Myers
A Clubley
E Curtis
H Guy
H Martin
J Robson

By November 1944 :-

W H Myers
J Robson
E Curtis
H Guy
H Martin
J Clubley
A Reap

The OB (Destroyed) was located to the South of the bridge in a small copse of trees on the bank.

Skirlaugh Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1

The Copse of trees where the OB was situated.

Skirlaugh Auxiliary Unit Patrol 2

A Panorama of the drain and the Copse.

When the East Riding HQ moved from Rise into Middleton on the Wolds the Skirlaugh Patrol took over the Rise OB. It must have seemed like heaven moving from a cramped OB into the 45 foot main Chamber of Rise.  There are references here to the Gamekeeper at Burton Constable Hall assisted in their training. Apparently a reserve of explosives and ammo was kept in a garden shed at Springfield House which is within the village.

The main targets were the Hull to Hornsea railway line. Road and rail bridges and in the bigger scheme to blow up the drain system and flood the land east and south in the Holderness area making the German advance very slow and difficult.

Training was carried out at Middleton on the Wolds.

Canadian Ross .30 rifle, Revolvers, Commando Knives, Sten Guns and a .22 Sniper Rifle.

Nothing currently.

East Ridings Secret Resistance by Alan Williamson, Stephen Lewins CART CIO Northumberland, Andy Gwynne (Images)

If you can help with any info please contact us.