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Alderbury (Byfield 0) - Special Duties Radio In Station

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Thank you for selecting information on the suspected Special Duties IN station known as Byfield 0 at Alderbury in Wiltshire. The info and images below have been supplied by Darren Thompson with assistance from CART's Dorset CIO, Dr Will Ward.

Alderbury is a village just outside Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The hut was operated by ATS subalterns, there follows a list of names of which Special Duties ATS Subs were billeted in the area.

Rosemary Astley Cooper.
Bettine Holmes.
Dorothy Monk Mason.
Ann Ellis Hughes.
Betty Dicken.
and Cicely Drake Brockman.

The site is known to have been in use between March 1942 and November 1943. Sometime after November 1943 the site was moved to a new underground Super Zero bunker built in some woods close to Southern Command HQ at Wilton House, Wilton.

Two Royal signals engineers known to have serviced the Alderbury site and the Hare Warren site are John Monk Mason and Alf Ellis.


The IN-Station site is situated on private land near an Old Rectory in Alderbury.

The IN-station site would have been disguised as a Meteorological hut and comprised of two buildings within a fenced compound. The larger being the main comms hut and a smaller one used as a generator and or toilet hut. Sadly all that remains at the site is the smaller hut which is a brick ended Nissan style hut 6ft wide, 6ft long and 6ft high.

1:- smaller hut 2:- main hut position.

Front view

Side view

Roof truss

The bricks appear to be of the mid 30s to 40s style, and were once white washed on the inside. There was once something attached to the inside rear wall. The sides and roof are curved corrugated tin, now rusting away. The roof truss is a length of railway track with another piece of tin over the top. There is a low brick wall down each side of the inside of the hut, approximately sixteen inches high.

Pipe built into the left hand side of the wall.

The whole building is built on a concrete base. In the left hand corner, approximately six inches from the corner along the side wall, is a pipe three inches in diameter just above the floor.

Screw holes with wooden plugs.

To the left of the hut about six feet away is a Yew tree (above) which has two wooden battens nailed to it, this has been there some time as the tree bark has begun to envelope it and the ivy stems are nearly an inch thick in places growing around it and the tree. Also in the copse there is an indentation cut into the hill below the generator hut next to the tree. This is where the main hut could have been. It is approximately 8ft wide by 12ft long. 

Longford Castle, Alderbury, housed the Hants & Dorset Head Quarters of the ATS Royal Corps of Signals.

Hants & Dorset Signals Mess. Alderbury House, Alderbury.

An entire company of the ATS Signals was housed at High Trees House, Alderbury.

According to Captain Jane Knight, ATS RCS billeted in the area, two ATS Meteorological Officers, whom she did not know, were billeted at Swinfen House, Alderbury.

(Above) There is a military style communication junction box on a street corner which is said to have been connected in some way to the IN-Station. However this cannot be confirmed.
All of these are within a half a mile of the location of the Station hut.

With thanks Dr Will Ward & Alderbury & Whaddon Local History Research Group.

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