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Bradwell-On-Sea - SD Out Station

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Report provided by Dr Will Ward. CART CIO for Dorset.

Type: Out station
Call sign:  unknown
Date of construction: unknown
Area:  unknown

Captain Childe, from the Intelligence Corps, was the Intelligence Officer for the Special Duties side of Auxiliary Units in Essex and Suffolk, at least between Jan 1941 to October 1943.


The only information currently available comes from a 1944 map of the Special Duties network. This shows an outstation in the vicinity of Bradwell-on-Sea. It is likely that the set was in or around the village itself as the land is extremely flat and the village is the highest point in the surrounding area. Even today the area is relatively sparsely populated, hence the location of Bradwell nuclear power station nearby.

In other parts of the country, doctors and the clergy were picked as wireless operators and with the church tower of St Thomas's being the highest structure in the area, it may be that the Reverend Peregrine Neave Maitland was involved. He had moved from Loughton in April 1940, his former parishioners giving him a 10hp car as a leaving gift. He had served in France during the First World War with the Church Army. He was born on November 2nd 1884 and died in 1954.

Wireless site/s

The church of St Thomas at Bradwell-on-sea, Essex.

Photo by Robert Edwards. used under Creative Commons licence.

We would be keen to hear from anyone with more definite information about this site or its operators.

Report provided by Dr Will Ward. CART CIO for Dorset.