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East Linton Radio Intel Base, nr Dunbar, Scotland.

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Thank you for selecting information on the East Linton radio base. The info and images below have been supplied by CART's Northumberland CIO, Stephen Lewins.

Mr. Niven, Mr. Grieve and the Rev. James Tindall Soutter.

Mr. Niven (below) was the Radio Operator and a farmer at Law Head.

Mr Niven

Mr. Grieve was the Head Teacher at East Linton school.

The Reverend Soutter was the Minister at Whitekirk. He acted as the “runner” and in fact was an athlete. See the attached “Dead Letter” and the piece from Graham Paterson about the mystery of the complete disappearance of the Rev. Soutter.

The radio network was used as part of the Fortitude North deception plans with the HQ in Edinburgh castle.


The O.B. was in a small wood on the Smeaton House Estate it is on private land and has now been filled in. The location was found when Jack Tully-Jackson’s friend fell into it while looking for the site. He had to be rescued.

The orientation of OB was approx North to South. The radio bunker was about half way between the OB at Little Spott and East Linton.

East Linton Dead Letter East Linton Radio intel article

A 'dead letter' was kept and can be seen above left. The letter is to the School Cottage, school master 2nd Lt W G Aitken was the 1st East Lothian group C/o with Little Spott and the East Linton patrols under his watch. Above right is a piece from an Edinburgh newspaper from 1966 about the "dissapearance" of the Rev. Soutter, very strange!! (click on the image to view a larger version)


Unknown but Major P.R.A. Forbes was in charge of the Borders AU until promotion took him away to Coleshill. Here he was GSO 2 in command of all the special wireless posts through out Britain. This occurred in the summer of 1943.

The Signal Officer in charge of the technical side of things was Major “Spud” Jones.

Currently unknown

Jack Tully-Jackson’s research and interviews with the people involved.

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