Churchill's British Resistance - The Special Duties Branch


Major C.F.G 'Dick' Bond

Major 'Dicky' Bond

Born: Charles Frederick Gordon Bond, born 26th July 1911,
Parents: Only child of Maj. Charles Gordon Bond (1881-1915), The Wiltshire Regiment, and Dorothy Melian Bence Pembroke
Educated: Educated at Harrow 1925-1930 and RMC Sandhurst. Ref. Harrow School Register1912   R.M.C. Sandhurst
Died: 10.04.1945 [age 33] [Sage War Cemetery, Oldenburg, Germany, 6.A.11 & Cullompton War Memorial
Commissioned: The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's)
















2 Lt.  The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's)

Promoted Lieutenant


Regular Army Reserve of Officers


'D’ Company, 2nd Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment (France, UK)

arrived at the Bn  with 3 fellow officers & 58 Other Ranks from Porthcawl at 07.30 then at 15.45 he departs on short leave

Appointed as Intelligent Officer, Sussex Auxiliary Units

General Staff Officer, 2nd grade (GSO2) (Operations), General Headquarters Special Reserve Battalions

** 1942-43 Active with AUX SDS Hannington Hall.

attached, B Squadron, 1st Special Air Service Regiment, Army Air Corps (killed in action by a sniper near Borgerwald, Germany, on operation "Howard")

Other Info

In 1942, the Signals HQ was moved from Hundon to Coleshill where construction and improvements to the TRD sets continued including the TRM and TRF. At stand-down the number of sets in use numbered 250 TRD, 28 TRM, 36 TRF, and 200 No.17 sets. At the same time the Special Duties Section established their HQ at Hannington Hall, owned by the Fry cocoa family, five miles from Coleshill. Here, Major Maurice Petherick recruited additional Intelligence Officers to continue the expansion of the spy organisation supplying the information for the wireless networks and Beatrice Temple administered the ATS section.

It was during this period that Capt Bond was promoted to Major and moved from Sussex (where he was I.O.) to AUX - SDS

 (Information compiled by CART Researcher Bill Ashby)