Churchill's British Resistance - The Special Duties Branch


OUT Stations Used By The Special Duties Branch

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The civilian-run OUT-stations were concealed in various ways. Some were in attics (Rene's secret wireless in Granny's bedroom in the TV farce 'Allo 'Allo was true in Britain!), sheds, barns, dugouts, and other ingenious hides. One was at the top of the mausoleum 'folly' in Brocklesby Park in Lincolnshire; and a chicken farmer near Axminster entered his dugout by lifting the complete wooden seat, together with bucket and contents, of his outside privy. Swivelling a wooden beam revealed the small radio compartment. His runners would swing aside a tree-stump to reveal a hole into which they dropped a split tennis ball containing messages, which would then run down into the dugout – without the runner being aware of the OUT-station’s location as all he would ever see would be a hole in the ground.


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