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Rudry Special Duties Out Station by Dr. Will Ward.

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Rudry OB is on Forestry Commission Wales land. There is a small parking area at ST202886 near the Rudry Forestry base and when this is shut, it is possible to park in a small layby at the gate to the site. From the base, climb a small set of steps up the hill that lead to a wide dirt track. Follow this downhill towards a metal gate where a public footpath crosses the site. On your left is a gravel track that leads uphill to a small fenced area. The OB is within the fence.

Please note that it is not possible to enter the OB as the main shaft is very deep and there is no ladder or footholds. Do not try and enter through the collapsed roof as this is likely to damage both the OB and yourself!

It is possible to get a good view down the main shaft and also through the partially collapsed roof into the main chamber. The interior is in good condition, though what is left of the roof is very unstable.

It seems likely that this is a signals hide, located on high ground, close to buildings. In design and construction it is similar to the Zero station on the Blorenge, which may have communicated with this site. There is a large beech tree alongside which looks to have a long track running up its length. This may be the remains of an aerial into the upper branches.

Rudry Aux Unit OB 1

The main entrance shaft. There is a raised lip of bricks around three sides. This suggests that possibly to open the lid it would have been slid sideways towards the camera. The shaft is made of hollow concrete blocks unlike other Monmouth patrol OBs, which are brick built.

Rudry Aux Unit OB 2



Looking in to the main chamber through the roof collapse the bottom of the entrance shaft can be seen through the doorway and through the small antechamber. The OB is only the size of an Anderson shelter, so much smaller than a normal patrol OB. In some areas there are separate ammunition bunkers of this size, though there is no known patrol OB nearby, nor any known patrol members.






Rudry Aux Unit OB 4

In the far end wall some of the hollow concrete blocks have been set side on to provide ventilation. Glazed earthenware pipes can be seen attached inside these bricks. There is another set at ground level on the side of the OB, to allow cool air in. These high up would have vented warm air, creating a natural through draught to help keep the air fresh inside. This suggests the bunker was meant to be occupied.

Rudry Aux Unit OB 5

A view from the road approaching Rudry. The white buildings are post war Forestry cottages. The OB is a little way into the wood behind the forestry base.

William Ward
July 2010

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Rudry Aux Unit OB 6 Rudry Aux Unit OB 7

Rudry Aux Unit OB 8

Rudry Aux Unit OB 9

The carving looks to say P#77.

Rudry Aux Unit OB 9