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Setley - SD Sub Out Station

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Report provided by Dr Will Ward. CART CIO for Dorset.

Type: Sub out station
Map Ref: SU304001
Call sign: Omagh 2B
Date of construction: unknown
Area: 15

The Special Duties Intelligence Officer of Dorset and Hampshire for most of the war was Captain Owen B Hall-Hall.


It is likely that the operator was the landlord of the Oddfellows Arms, Bernard Harcourt. However it seems he died in 1943 and it is unclear who might have taken over.

Wireless site/s

A list of wartime map references supplied by Arthur Gabbitas includes SU304001. The same list says that the wireless was concealed in an outhouse, rather than underground. The only building close to this reference is The Filly Inn, known during the war as The Oddfellows Arms. Presumably the wireless was hidden in one of a cluster of outbuilding that have subsequently been demolished. Pubs were commonly used by the Special Duties branch as it provided a good reason for the comings and goings of runners delivering information.

Setley Special Duties Sub Out Station

The Filly Inn, formerly the Oddfellows Inn.

This outstation operated to Omagh 2 at Tiptoe, near Wotton in the New Forest. There is no mention of Omagh 2A on the list, suggesting it may have been closed down by the time the listing was compiled.

Report provided by Dr Will Ward. CART CIO for Dorset.

Arthur Gabbitas
Alf Ellis's diary
The Brockenhurst Journal and Kelly's Directory for Hampshire (with thanks to Richard Reeves at the Christopher Tower Archive in the New Forest Centre in Lyndhurst)
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