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The Beatrice Temple Diary

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A PDF of the diary will be available to download here soon.

Beatrice TempleBeatrice Temple’s diaries covered the period from her arrival at Highworth on 24 November 1941 until closedown of the Special Duties Branch Auxiliary Units in summer 1944.  In his book "With Britain in Mortal Danger (1st edition published in 2002), John Warwicker thanks Ann Buckney (Beatrice Temple’s younger sister) for the loan of the Beatrice Temple Diaries, the originals of which have since been

Whilst the diaries were on loan to J Warwicker however, Barbara Culleton assisted him in producing  handwritten extracts, adding her own comments. Barbara Culleton's manuscript, which would appear
to be the only copy still in existence, was recently handed over, along with other documents, to Auxiliary Unit researcher Stewart Angell with the request to make the contents available to the public and deposit all documents at the British Resistance Organisation Museum (Parham, Suffolk) after her passing.

The following transcription was made by CART researcher Bill Ashby, Adrian Pye and Evelyn Simak and Brian Drury of the Auxiliary Units Signals group. The original is 63 pages long and has taken approximately 120 hours to transcribe. An example of the original can be seen below.

Blue text in the transcription indicates assumptions made by the transcriber due to poor text on the original. Red text indicates notes made by the transcriber. See also the Appendix at the bottom of the page for Post War documents naming personnel.

ATS Senior Commander Beatrice Temple
Born Mon 14 Oct 1907
Died 26 September 1982 in Lewes, Sussex


Monday Nov 10 1941
War Office interview by delightful Colonel Major - to go at any minute.
Thursday Nov 20
Posting telegram arrived - “Subn. T/Jun.Cdr” Subaltern T/ [Junior Commander]
Monday Nov 24
Arrived Highworth. DR led to HQ Coleshill House - met by charming Colonel Beyts. Tea with Colonel Major who then led the way to Hannington Hall which turns out to belong to friends of a fellow officer. Butler opened door and maid asked if she could unpack any cases. The Fry family still had 14 servants. All but a few left eventually to engage in war services. Received by Capt Randell - pleasant but pompous. Colonel Major returned and all had dinner with Frys.
Tuesday Nov 25
Capt R [Randell] drove her up to CH [Coleshill House] met Major Henderson had session with Captain Anderson (Andy) Camp Commandant. Collected officers documents and those of 3 OR’s - met Captain Oxenden. Major Petherick returned to Hannington Hall - not prepossessing.
Wednesday Nov 26
Drove herself to Shrivenham Garrison to meet OC ATS Coy. Returned to HQ and in WD car was taken to Cheltenham Group HQ ATS. Had long talk with Major Petherick after dinner
Thursday Nov 27
To HQ with Major Petherick. Sessions with Major Henderson and Captain Anderson. Came away with loads of stationary and a typewriter. He much too familiar with ATS OR’s. Saw ATS quarters - very satisfactory.
Friday Nov 28 1941
WD Transport arrived at 4pm to Hundon via London to drop off Major Petherick. Found driver did not know the way and had never driven in London in the dark. Fog to contend with. Lost way in Royston contacted police and arrived at 11:30pm. Major Winterborn and Captain Ward supplied transport for drive to hotel 7 miles away.
Saturday Nov 29
Bachelors Hall - going through files with Major Winterborn (very pleasant and reasonable - knows administration) Set off to Norwich in HQ car - at Div HQ met Captain Knight G3 and Eleanor Norman Butler at Hut. Also Captain Shanks. On to Ely to see Boitel-Gill (sombre woman imagine very efficient but never a laugh) To Clare via Cambridge dinner with Major Winterborne as IO did not turn up. O/n [overnight stay]

Sunday Nov 30
WD transport from Haverhill to Reigate to receive files from Lady Carlisle. Then to Egham OCTU (Baxter Ellis most helpful - interviewed me originally for commission in June)
Monday Dec 1 1941
Haverhill to Doncaster in Major Winterborn’s car. Saw Pye and Culleton (rather taken by Culleton, cheerful and keen) Spoke to Major Winterborn about lack of organisation at HQ.
Tuesday Dec 2 & Wed 3
Overnight in London. WO Hobart House interviews with Aglb(o). Returned Hannington Hall via HQ.
Thursday Dec 4
Day at HQ - took over all files from Andy. Telephoned Major Winterborn to send BMC on Monday.
Saturday Dec 6
Captain Harston sent 12 maps
Monday Dec 8
Swindon to pick up little Culleton - cheerful, seems pleasant and willing. Handed over files.
Tuesday Dec 9
Call from AG 16 ([Blandford]). Captain Harston supplied car saw CRO then long session at AG 18 + Div followed by AG 15 ([Winchester])
Sunday Dec 14 1941
Returned to Highworth with Major W Winterborn – saw Col. Lunched CH (Home Guard there) Returned HH Hannington Hall (Capt R not very welcoming as usual) Drive in van all the way to Hundon (nerve wracking drive all day) (Maj W Winterborn & Capt W Ward billeted to Great Yeldham - met Capt Childe
Monday 15 Dec
Worked a bit at BH Bachelor’s Hall. In own car set off with Maj W Winterborn for Halstead ([Thea] Ward and [Mickey] Browne) on to Hatfield Peverel (Kitty Hills (affected little thing) Lunch at Wickham Thornham Magna ([Margaret] Whiting & [Yolande] Bromley) Return BH Bachelor’s Hall for more work (little C [Culleton] at it all day). Overnight Great Yeldham (White Hart)
Tuesday Dec 16 1941
B Hall to Lincoln with Major W (Alexander & Gunter) “nice but nothing outstanding as I had been led to expect by Capt. Hall-Hall”. After lunch returned to B. Hall and then home at Gt Yeldham met Maj. W & Capt Ward & Mikey Browne.

Wednesday Dec 17
B. Hall - Worked on “Instructions for ATS Officers”. Maj. W & Capt. W at Highworth.
Private Drey arrived for voice test “nervous but thought improved on acquaintance”. Mrs Monk-Mason to arrive later. Overnight London.
Thursday Dec 18 
(Aunt’s funeral) Left by train for Newcastle – 11.45 very tedious journey - 1½ hours in complete darkness
Friday Dec 19 
Edinburgh OCTU = Greeted with news couldn’t see candidates – discussions with senior ATS Staff.
Saturday Dec 20 1941
Returned to London
Sunday Dec 21 
Train to Haverhill (Rose & Crown) via Marks Tey, Letters brought from B Hall brought by DR. Overnight Major W & Capt W. Out.
Monday Dec 22
Picked up for B Hall. Miss Hilliers and Pte. Brown for tests. Capt. Childe and Major W. Returned Haverhill O/N [overnight]
Tuesday Dec 23
Left 10.20 for Highworth – lost way in Hitchin. Reached CH at 4.30. All away except for Capt. Oxenden. On to HH – both men away and all OR’s
Christmas On leave until 29th
Tuesday Dec 30 1941
WD car + Driver to Salisbury – dropping BC at Bulford for Senior ATS Officers conference (SATSOC). On way back stopped at Bulford saw Adj Holmes at Course Returned HH. Major W. after dinner left him with Major Petherick.
Wednesday Dec 31
London - then 48 hours leave.

Thursday Jan 1
Canterbury – (Kaines + Graham + Paddock) O/N
Friday Jan 2
Back to Hut (Graham & Paddock) then on to White and Thompson? Sevenoaks – vain hunt for ATS who have moved to T. Wells.
Tunbridge Wells – called Group HQ ATS – found Hut locked - Barden out. On to Heathfield (Read & Filer) (Capt. Armstrong, Canadian HQ). Had to return to T.Wells but arrived in Lewes so went home for night. Div E S Regt. ???
Saturday Jan 3
WD transport + driver to T.Wells – Barden found Hut open this am. Went to CSO’s office (Major Ireland) to report matter. East Grinstead (Curtis + lunch?). Called on SE Command HQ saw ADATS, pleasant tea with Seaver and her nice husband. Overnight Camberley M.C.T.C.
Sunday Jan 4
Returned HH. Pleasant talk with Maj. Petherick largely about perimeters. (“much more amusing a person than on first impression, better when Capt R not there”).
Monday Jan 5
To CH with Maj. P to see Col. But he did not arrive. – HH “Major P very amusing, friendly and helpful – lending me house for interviews in London on 13th. Really improves enormously on acquaintance”.
Tuesday Jan 6
At CH for dinner – sent back to HH to change into tartan skirt – to go to another [contact] RAF Unit - Andy, Harston, Henderson & wife, Col + BC unsure of context
Wednesday Jan 7
Thursday Jan 8 1942
HH – Maj. P wrote to Andy about “Receptacle for Marmalade” letter. BC to CH to do Pt II Orders but persuaded Andy to let her bring them back to HH.
Friday Jan 9
All work completed by 11.00. Asked to lunch - Major Henderson, [Maj] Eustace Maxwell, Andy, C.O., Col Beyts, Capt. Harston and M? Fowler. Much amused by “Marmalade” letter. Played chess with comic little “Eustace” Maj. Maxwell.
Saturday Jan 10
Drove to Winchester (Davis) billet then Hut. Found with 2 men who had come to complain about interference – put them on to Hundon. Saw camp Comdr. About payments of billets. Returned HH – Capt. Collings visited.
Sunday Jan 11
HH – Capt. Collings & Childe[?] & Capt. Hall-Hall visited and stayed to dinner.
Monday Jan 12 1942
HH – to tea – left with leaking radiator and had to be rescued. Capt. Randall returned “much more friendly than before”
Tuesday Jan 13
Train to London, interviewed “little” Cole + Mrs Brittein and Miss Ronald. (Maj P’s kindly lent his house). Overnight in hotel.
Wednesday Jan 14
Interviewed Mann + Carver at Club. Visited WO (Hobart House) – v helpful
Thursday Jan 15 1942
Returned HH. Worked until 7.30 then with BMC [Barbara M Culleton]
to Henderson’s for dinner [crossed out] film after
Friday Jan 16
To HQ (5.45) with BC [Barbara Culleton]. 3 ATS given talk + pay.
Saturday Jan 17
Captain Bucknall to tea at HH [Hannington Hall]
Sunday Jan 18 1942
Monday Jan 19
BC to Shrivenham to collect documents etc
(“Maj P [Petherick] very pleasant – really like him a lot. Been doing x-word together for a while before dinner
Tuesday Jan 20

Capt Randell arrived Swindon (after dinner) 2 hours late (snow). There about 9 pm. (“Looking better, very friendly and cheerful”)


Wednesday Jan 21
Col + Capt R to CH – walked and then early dinner at CH then a concert. “Andy” made her smoke and drink! Afterward he, Capt R and BT went to Colonel’s room to discuss the AT Mess & decided to try HH Vicarage.

Thursday Jan 22
With Andy + Maj Harston[name crossed out] Anderson to see Miss Bouverie – Vicarage off. Col now keen on HH. Returned to HH [word crossed out]. “Braved Mrs Fry” – quite amenable - then Mr F threw a heart attack and naturally explained if we stay ATS Orderlies he receives furniture. Drove to Cheltenham ATS HQ – all v. helpful.
Friday Jan 23
Handed BC over to Andy to go up to London. Went with Maj Henderson to look at houses in Farringdon and area – too small. The younger Miss Bouverie found stuck on a steep hill in her 2-seater – 1 soldier pushing. – Maj H, BT and her Drv [driver] added more strength but needed 2 more soldiers to get her up!
Saturday Jan 24 1942
Aldershot – ATS Company to assure them ATS would not be taken in there as well - (Sgt Hackwood – Pt Stronach – Pte Hackwood) – all for Visits Informed[crossed out] Warned Mrs F that Maj Henderson would be coming tomorrow to talk about Attery – persuaded her not only be possible but probable
Sunday Jan 25
Major Henderson arrived HH – Fry’s most helpful and Attery here is fixed! Went smoothly. Amended forthcoming War Schedule – all now so necessary – until 11 pm
Left margin: Back to CH. Watched Capt Dunstan[?] and [?]play darts. Talked to Capt Harston + Andy.
Monday Jan 26
To CH and with Maj Harston [name crossed out] Henderson to Shrivenham Oi/C Barracks (Maj Harred[?]) re Indents To Swindon c Capt R – looked at furniture shops but too Bitterly cold so to Coffee shop treated by Capt R + BC (fetched from HH)
Tuesday Jan 27
Drove own car to Sevenhampton to interview Miss Campbell. Lost it at times. All had money on Mrs Fry. Mrs P mentioning the family – son and daughter-in-law[crossed out].
Wednesday Jan 28 1942
Crockery arrived. Capt Fingland arrived for lunch – Sandford + Fraser at HH [crossed out] arrived after lunch in quite a crowd eventually- pleasant swarm of IOs Introduced by Col, then Opening address + lectures then dinner. Opened a book on the family lost 8/- but won 6/-
Thursday Jan 29
Conference and lectures at CH 9 am and day of The Photo! (“Last Ditch”). [ This must be a note inserted by BC]. BC off on leave. Capts R, Fraser, Hall-Hall + Farrer at HH
Friday Jan 30
All above Officers (plus Capt Collings who had arranged for him to travel with him) left CH. “Book” on family – won back 2/6d!

Saturday Jan 31
Train to London – met Capt C at his Club and then on to 2 Corps (saw I. Room) – on to Norwich (Boitel-Gill) alone). Stayed at Cole’s house O/N
Sunday Feb 1
Norwich – first Cathedral then picked up Capt Collings and then on to Lincoln (Fox + Hildyard] and on to Doncaster (Pye + Hay-Whiting).O/N
Monday Feb 2
On to York (N Comd HQ and also visited ADATS O/N
Tuesday Feb 3 1942
York - met Lady Swinton – AT Welfare. On train with Col Deakin – Command Welfare Officer – changed trains. Arrived “somewhere” and moved (arrived) at 6 pm – train To Witham then to [crossed out] H. Peverel (White Hart) (Lloyd got W) car
Wednesday Feb 4
? H. Peverel (White Hart) - (Lloyd, Burbage + Richardson)
Overnight. Back to Witham for longer. (General Morgan). All so good to ATS there. Major Winterborn to arrive [at] station - to London overnight stay. Station + London overnight stay.
Margin: Worst winter for 30 years.
Thursday Feb 5
Interviewed Badgerow (“cursory”[?]) and Wood (“vivacious”) At LC Club. Test arranged for Wood tomorrow. To WO & request for Khaki side hats not hopeful Overnight.
Friday Feb 6
Interviewed, at Club “delightful” 1) D Campbell + “rather high hat Miss Lawrence – after lunch Miss Bird and Mrs McDonnell. O/N.
Saturday/Sunday 7 & 8 (Weekend Home until 9th)
Monday Feb 9
Arrived[crossed out] Returned Swindon – note from BC to buy dishcloths + meet Pt Snowden. Colonel leaving – being replaced by Lord Glanusk.
Tuesday Feb 10 1942

Mr Fowler came to HH to help move some furniture around.
Wednesday Feb 11
Sent for by Col M. Lunched CH. To meet LG [Lord Glanusk] (“tall, sulky face”). Sgt Sanderson applied for commis. is not thought suitable. To be reposted in a month’s time. The two Colonels came over to HH after tea.
Left margin: Cooks temperature higher – to Shrivenham ATS Hosp accnt by BC
Thursday Feb 12
BC to Swindon to try for cutlery – no luck. To Camp 20
Friday Feb 13
Own car + Shopping for new messing ??? in Oxford + Farringdon. BT and BC to CH, Maj Beyts
Saturday 14
 BC to CH for admin
Sunday Feb 15
Monday Feb 16 1942
Salisbury ATS Snr Officers Conf. ((below) Comd HQ Lines Officers re-telephone) To Blandford (Ellis-Hughes + 2). Stayed overnight
at camp. Mixed Trng [training]. Rgt beyond Tarrant-Hinton. [5 miles NE of Blandford] O/N
Tuesday Feb 17
Blandford – Div HQ (Camp Commandant nice and helpful. Unsatisfying billet – asked Police to find better. Back to HH via Salisbury. Chest of Drawers
Wednesday Feb 18
Train to London – CRO – (Drey “not keen”). WO + had explained award. Boitel-Gill - arranged interview tomorrow DAN’s Fund, [illegible comment]
Thursday Feb 19
Had to send in numerous wires as OCTU Course postponed.
Friday Feb 20 1942
Telephone arrived. Capt Collings car HH. Wire from Drey - will come. Left London 4.p.m.
Saturday Feb 21
CH – Saw Andy, Capt Collings, back to HH, Messing Cpl, Maj P (+ Capt Furgall + said goodbye to Col Major stayed to Lunch - great crowd of Home Guards – returned to HH with a typew[riter]. Went to Cheltenham HQ – promised 3 Clerks on the 4th
Sunday Feb 22  No office work, not even for BC.
Monday Feb 23 1942
London – staff car. CRO re Drey. Duck[?Duct] Newcastle Fund. Cretonne, powder,choc. etc. taken back to add? to welfare items - to Canterbury – (Graham in hut – Paddock + Davis in billet – had them all to dinner). O/N [Uncle William got Canterbury]

Tuesday Feb 24
Challock– then T. Wells. Saw Maj Dawnay G? I Grp HQ (called in - Capt Fraser away – also visited GRP. HQ. Heathfield + home
Wednesday Feb 25
E. Grinstead (Irving + Richards). W. Grinstead (Purves- Smith + Richardson). Lunch - Crawley with Mr Monck-Mason. Coles has not failed OCTU. Billet @ Blandford impossible. O/N
Thursday Feb 26 1942
Andy at HH for all-over inspection. About 6 pm off to Maj Henderson’s farewell party. Dinner at CH 9 pm. “Mad drive” to London. 11 pm. Cabaret Club – returned HH 7 am.
Friday Feb 27
Saturday Feb 28
BC 48 hrs leave – Fetched to CH for talks about Clerks + Lord G + Col Beyts. Drive to Alldermaston. No.1 will send Clerks. Reading – interviewed in Cadet in Board Office. Back to CH 4 pm. Maj Henderson (just leaving) – Talk with Capt Harston & Miss Fowler . Collected rations, laundry + milk & returned. HH met Andy in Faringdon, going on leave – talked.
Left margin:
S/Cdr BT
D. Extract
Sunday March 1 1942
Col Beyts at HH – entirely new arrangement made for Drey.
Monday March 2
Maj Winterborn at HH – going almost at once. Possibility that number of ATS may be cut down to 30.Thinks we should get Boitel-Gill.
Tuesday March 3
Maj W + Maj P have agreed on only 30 ATS
Wednesday March 4
Reigate – (ATS Lady Carlisle sick) – saw Sub – helping CSO’s officer “You’re the Queen-bee of the hush-hush party”! Waited at Swindon for Col Beyts and discussed possible change of policy.
Thursday March 5
Friday March 6
Saturday March 7

Blandford – looked in at billet, then Hut (lunch) Blanford Hut again and to billet hunt – mostly fruitless. Home via Salisbury + Marlborough (duties)(Capt R at Salisbury all day)
Sunday March 8
HQ Party - first discussed syllabus for Courses with Maj Petherick, Col Major, Maj P, Col Beyts, Andy, new Col + Capt Tracey.
Monday March 9
Arranged Mess and Dormitory
Tuesday March 10 1942
Shrivenham – opened account at noon [NAAFI] – called on Barrack Warden purchased supplies. Chairs, rugs and wpbs [?] delivered HH later.
Wednesday March 11
Drey arrived HH + furniture.
Thursday March 12
With BC for stroll + fell in ice-covered fish pond - hurt wrist.
Friday March 13
Awful puzzle of placing Officers CH with Drey – Maj P as new OC. Sigs Capt Jones + new MTO – Capt Crawley. Maj Winterborne + Jones at HH – to eat – went down very well – awful version GHQ decision ??? Horrified.
Saturday March 14  Saw CO & G1 not so bad as Maj. W made out. To Cirencester at 5pm with Andy & BC for film and dinner.
Sunday March 15
Letter of protest to Col Beyts? Any connection with previous remarks? Maj P leave 17th. – Boitel-Gill arrived at HH
Monday March 16 1942
BC to HQ – interviewed by 2 Cols - Both talked to BT. CO wants Course made to last a week.
Capts Collings, Farrer, Tracey + Maj Winterborn short lecture map reading. Successful billet hunt for BC with Capt Oxenden
Tuesday March 17
Col Beyts + May W at CH – Course NOT lengthened. Andy (over tele) bullied us into going to Concert 21 Club.Cole arrived with RSM Stronach + Monck-Mason (to First Course at HH)

Wednesday March 18
Opening address 5 mins – BC took over – BT “Nature of Work” – Col Beyts (a few words) – BT
Pay Allcs [Allowances]. Capt Oxenden lectured 5 – 7. Saw Cadets and arranged postings.
Thursday March 19
BC – Pt. II Orders – Claims’ Text[?] – Charles on Log Books – Practical Map Reading with BT
invited. Cipher Test from 6 – 7.
Friday March 20 1942
Mess Bill + away they went! Maj Harston to
Aldermarston to select clerk – drove newest recruit. Clifford, Beck + Britten arrived
Saturday March 21 1942

 “much slower lot than last – not such good manners +how did Clifford pass voice test, can’t think!” Opening address, foreword by Charles R, foreword by Col Beyts
Sunday March 22
Course doing Tests – Charles R map reading after lunch - evening Test. Off tomorrow.
Monday March 23 1942
[illegible word] Boulton[?] to see Mrs Beyts. Cpl B at HH + asked about promotion for BC. SAQC Maj Smith – Pig8 SH[?] - determined to give us another gath Salisbury – Hut + billet. Blandford – Hut – great gathering Maj W, Capts Jones + Hall-Hall – Mr Monck-Mason + wife - Kaines. “Very glad I went down to Blandford today - a psychological moment to arrive at Hut”!
Tuesday March 24
Div HQ then long session @ HQ – Brown after lodging ATS – Maj B took clerk – all allces allowances at his fingertips –agreed entry for 8th Dorchester + Honiton (No 3TC – 3 possibilities as Orderlies). Left for HH. Col Beyts to Explain decision on Fri (27th) (?)
Left margin: S/C BT D Extract 7

Wed March 25 1942
Interview (3) at Harrods – one Duthie. Retd HH
Friday March 27
Col Beyts – CH – establishment to be cut down – Maj Harston – Sanderson – Capt Anderson + his successor (“dull + anti AT at first meeting”). BC + Drey off on leave.
Monday March 30
Car arrived at HH laden with equipment delivered at Reigate (White + Thompson) handed over equipt. Challock – hut closed. Chased [crossed out] Tracked down billet in Wye – (Adams-Beck). Canterbury overnight.

Tuesday March 31 1942
Up to Hut (Paddock + Graham). H. Peverel (Burbage had left) – Colchester [three words erased/illegible] overnight. (Maj Maxwell “passing through”) Left margin: (via Ferry from Sittingbourne
Wednesday Apr 1

Halstead – (Whiting + Clifford) Dished out equipment. Hundon – Maj Jones – Capt Oakey - Capt Shanks + Mr Monck-Mason. discussed “weeding-out”. BSE and (after great hunt) Thornham Magna (Hills + Bromley) – move equipment. Norwich more equip – Capt Collings + Shanks + Oakey in Hut. Burbage there - talked about lack of Security.
Thursday Apr 2
Capt Collings has had further proof of Burbage’s lack of Security – CMP Bishops Stortford to find way to II Corps. Returned to HQ to see Boitel- Gill (saw Mary Burton – CR’s Secretary). On leave tomorrow. Held up for MT less day Permit.
Friday Apr 3 - Monday Apr 6 1942
BT on long Weekend leave
Tuesday April 7
Called in to her Bank in Lewes + Manager knew of H. Guard Courses at Coleshill!
Friday April 10
“Run in” by stern + stupid young Policeman in Basingstoke who thought GPO address
bogus & took me to Police Stn for “further enquiries”. Returned to HH
Saturday April 11
With Capt Collings to London – WO (A Coy[?] 15). Return HH by train.
Sunday April 12
Discuss[crossed out] Talk with Col Beyts at CH. Interviewed Sgt Young – not suitable
Monday April 13
Bulford SP District HQ – Col Stronach re new Caits[?] Hildyard arrived at HH.
Tuesday April 14 1942
Driven to Winchester – Hut full of workmen – Billet reported all gone to Southampton. Misdirected to Salisbury. (Astley-Cooper & Holmes – want to be Platoon Officers) – Blandford (Ellis, Hughes & Monk-Mason & Pte Brame [erasure illegible]
[Noted at top of page]

Wednesday April 15 1942
Set off from Manchester no petrol station A.A. school nr B’ham. Overnight Attery @ Brig HQ
[Noted at top of page]

Thursday April 16
April [circled] Captain C arrived & to Sheffield [illegible Major?] duties, Pay Office I - to Barnsley, (Glocs) Overnight
Friday April 17 1942
Barnsley [illegible word] – [reached hut ? (Pye + Hay-Whiting) – Linscombe (Worcs) – (Whiting + Fox), left 3.40 HH 8.10 Shrivenham - Capt Boyden [?] refused to hand over any equipment.
Monday April 20
London – Sgt Thomas + Pte Shaw interviewed Harrods. Overnight London
Tuesday April 21
Reigate – all well at Hut. E Grinstead (Curtis + Seaver had a row). W Grinstead (only Purves-Smith) Home for night
Wednesday April 22 1942
Heathfield (all well). Tunbridge Wells (Alexander alone – did Cipher with her). Challock – explained new policy to Richardson. Hilliers (?). Challock [was (crossed out)] asked about change to Ack-Ack – G3I ? Challock. Canterbury - (Kaines). O/n stay
Thursday April 23
Kaines + Graham. Installation of Uncle at Cathedral. HH 10.35
Friday April 24
Cadets (3) arrived for Course. Charles R [Randell] lecture. CO came into Oxo’s lecture
Saturday April 25
HQ to see Maj Harston. re Capt Bryck[?]Boyden. Capt Beyts pleased to see Capt WB to give us equipment.

Left margin: S/C BT D Extract 8 [circled]
Sunday Apr 26 1942
Cheltenham (ATS HQ) – to see about new job for BC and Drey got bogged with Capt WB who was thought to be trying to be very offensive but BT tries to lay it off, telling Capt trans[fer] due was anti-AT. Maj Harston’s Sherry Party.
Tuesday April 28
HQ for breakfast 08.30. (Charles has his majority). Conference - rude comments by IOs and about significance – Fight for ATS which was already lost? Practise on set after lunch.

Wednesday April 29
Winchester – found Hut empty – waited until Stronach arrived – then to billet (Dicken + Vaile) HQ to see G2O Maj White. HQ for duties to meet new RE Subaltern ??
Friday May 1
Car to Swindon – London – Redhill/Reigate White + MM arrived. Col Lyall-Grant re sanitary arrangements. Spoke to AG.16 re BC. Return HH. Interview tomorrow. GOC job?
Sunday May 3 1942
Farewell party for BC at HH – Col + Lady Glanusk - Mr Fry – Maj + Mrs Harston – Capt + Mrs Oxenden. Capts Tracey + Tallants, Joan Boitel-Gill and Mary Burton

Monday May 4
BMC departed (with some difficulty??) at 09.30. To Shrivenham to kit out 2.0 hrs and select furniture etc for Anteroom. Brown, Curtis, Norman-Butler + Thompson arrived for Course.
Wednesday May 6
Took above to London. To AG.18 + AG.15. To T.Wells (Gunter) Maj Grundy. E Grins. To
Canadian Unit [Maj Urwin ] URWIN – then home.
Thursday May 7 1942
Through Lunch to H.Pev + Halstead. Dunham via Hundon - long talk with Capt Oakey -
Mickey Browne too valuable to be moved.
Friday May 8
Norwich – found all 3. Eleanor had w/s. Then to Maj Collings asking not to be taken away. Capt Knight – GIII I arrived. Lincoln – found
May 8 contd. 1942
Maj C in bed in Hut! Tried to persuade me not to move Eleanor to HQ. Pye + Campbell D OK. Doncaster – Whiting + Airlie. Overnight. Rang Maj Jones + arranged to meet. Drove to Huntingdon + had long talk in car – Returned HH after lunch
Left margin
Insertion for Sunday May 10th
Dinner with CO – Capt WB very much more human. Both CO and he were very much more human about the Unit. Locked both out of his car. Capt WB – get it open by removing the handle!
Left margin
Insertion for Monday May 11th [illegible] 
Cheltenham to offer surplus Officers – War Estab Committee questions necessity for Snr Cdr. Ch Cmdr wants to know if the Snr Cdr need be had

Wednesday May 13
Train to York – met by Capt Shanks. Sth Dalton HQ – met top brass. O/night stay
Thursday May 14
Overnight - Transit London [remainder illegible]
Friday May 15 1942
HH – worked all evening
Saturday May 16
White – Barden – Richardson + Kaines arrived for Course
Sunday May 17 1942
Colonel at HH – Oxo map reading ? Drey left - had appealed in GHD[?]. Col appeared in Office ???]. Return HH

Monday May 18
London – AG.15 – GHQ (Maj Feeney)
Tuesday May 19
Confr (AD) at Salisbury. Command Paymaster talked about civilian claims. Winchester -
Hut empty – to billet. Back to Hut with the 3 (Drv). Back to Salisbury – Blandford (Pte Beard[?] on to Hut (Ellis-Hughes + Bedford[?]. O/N
Wednesday May 20 1942
W. Grinstead (Janet + Hazel) Return HH
Left margin: Officious note from “Marcus” demanding back typewriter + [illegible word]
Thursday May 21
Saw Charles on his way (+ Mr Fowler HQ).
Friday May 22
HH – re writing “Instructions”. Rang Col Beyts. Car sent to take typewriter – kept duplication. “Hope you won’t mind if we keep it till Monday”. No RCS men available – has put in a strong plea “Not only do we want a Senior Cmdr – we want this Sr Cdr [Senior Commander]
Saturday May 23
Back @ HH. Felt very guilty about Capt WB who was most pleasant on the phone. (Couldn’t ???? to ????) and said he knew nothing about d????????
Left margin: Reigate. Thompson is disappointed about 2nd change of policy

Tuesday May 26
Heathfield. Troops everywhere. Majors Randall + Jones + Capt Fraser at Hut. T. Wells – Challock – Canterbury O/n stay E. Grinstead – Canadian Corps gone. Taken over by British Home. o/n
Wednesday May 27 1942
Canterbury – (Wendy Kaines + Graham + Paget on duty) On to London overnight. DAN’s Fund. Careful of questions!
Thursday May 28

?Harrison LC Club – (Sgt Ellis + Evans). Returned HH 11.40am
Friday May 29
Course – Lloyd, Whiting, Ellis-Hughes + Dicken. Oxo – map reading. Pt II Orders. Had to write a note for Clarke S/C
Sunday May 31
Cheltenham ATS HQ – To take civilians NOT ORs. Hope to have some solutions to establishment questions
Monday June 1 1942
Reigate phoned to say Canterbury were homeless. Crash wagon (ambulance) Tugboat Annie, 4 bombs in cellar. Set off at 3 (Col’s car) with rations + bedding. Graham + Paget going to spend night in Hut + feed in “A” Mess. Overnight stay.
Tuesday June 2
ATS Coy will take G + P. Car broken down at an Ord Depot! Put on train for London.
Wednesday June 3
Train back to Swindon. HH + Sigs Officer to be vetted
Thursday June 4 1942
Doncaster (own car).. No ATS at Hut – taken to “B” Mess – dumped equipment + left.
Friday June 5
S. Dalton (Col Devereux – J/C McKinley will take ATS). On way to hut saw Capt Shanks – lunch – Market Weighton + then up a hill to broadcast back to Doncaster – surprised as “Belinda calling”. O/N. Ratcliffe with Wreath
Saturday June 6
Returned HH. Cross letter from Maj Collings!
Tuesday June 9/10
Norwich (own car). Passed – talked to Maj Jones.Hut after dinner – only Waddy (Cole) there + O/n stay
Maj. (10th) [circled] Cole + BT spoke to Waddy over R/T from some distance. Back to hut at 9.30 pm – incessant activity until 2 am. Colonel looked in at height of it – Packed up about 04.30. Left at 2 + returned HH at 11 pm
Friday June 12 1942
Long session with Charles at HQ – tried to pin him down to circular letter saying ATS can’t be allotted to Stations. No good! Missed Col Beyts + new Col who had gone to HH.
Saturday June 13
 Course – Paget – Ronald + Brown arrived
Sunday June 14 1942
Charles at HH for lecture – shown draft letter from him to IOs – no permanent allotting – it was cut down and addressed to individuals before it could be sent. Oxo to lecture – BT after tea. To Harstons (Sherry) until 10.10
Tuesday June 16
Salisbury – ATS SO[?] Conf. Col Morris from Record Office. Dinner with the Crawleys
Wednesday June 17
Capt [Boynton/crossed out] WB rang re moving the ATS. All most amicable.
Thursday June 18
Car to Highworth – taken by Staff Car to CH where Colonel + Capt Crawley got in – to London (at new speed limit of 40 mph!) First interview at Harrods (McGarry) never came. 2nd not suitable – no one suitable from AOER. Returned HH.
Friday June 19 1942
RAF Dance
Saturday June 20
Reigate (Thompson + White) – E. Grinstead (Seaver alone). Saw Lady Carlisle. Home O/N
Left margin: Lunch CH - Capt ??? Capt WB all pleasant
Friday June 26
Heathfield (only Bardon). T.Wells – (Alexander + Badgerow)
Saturday June 27
Hazel there (W. Grinstead.) Ret HH
Monday June 29
To Taunton in new car. O/N. Taunton 9 am checked in Capt Coxwell-Rogers + MM
Tuesday June 30 1942
Visited Hut + chose a billet. HQ BGS[?], G II I. Col Beyts party - then back to London by train – arrived 11.20 – overnight.
Wednesday July 1
Interview Cpl Norris ? at Kings X Stn. Train to Edinburgh (Mr Ross)
Thursday July 2
Capt Hally to site. (Mr Thimont – Sigs). Search for billets – no luck. [insertion illegible]. B HQ – GII I sent us to Ch Cmdr [Chief Commander] [insertion illegible]. O/N
July 3 1942
Return to London by train to HH. Battle with Camp Cmdt over transport & ATS unhappy
July 4 1942
Hackwoods (2), Shaw, Jensen + Thomas arrived for Course. Maj Jones at HH to discuss & arrange postings. (Had to send for MM who had been seen in staff car in London)
July 5 1942
Posting Orders out. Charles R map-reading. GI bounced with demand for circular letter that ATS must move – agreed. Showed him C. C’s letter about Discipline. Brought 2 GHQ signs for us. Phone calls from Capt Childe + Capt Fraser to protest about moves
Margin: “new” GI ??
July 6 1942
 Charles came over to say that CO has ratted on circular letter re moves
July 7 1942
Train to London to interview Pte Moss but she had gone on leave to St Ives. Conference with DATS. Return HH
July 8 1942
To HQ. Saw all 3 ATS + Maj Harston. Went to Camp Commandant & asked if he would come to se the CO. Charles + Maj Jones also present. All went well. Capt W.B. amiable -T – Colonel S. Commander’s secret short Conference about Establishments – am to stop recruiting! Afternoon on range with all weapons. Interviewed Moss after tea – passed test. Took her back to HH.
July 9 1942
Car + driver to Norwich. Maj Collings hut (?) phoned + suggested I interviewed a young widow of 21 – “a kindness to give her something to do” – non-committal. O/N

July 10 1942
Breakfast Mu (?riel) – Cole + Maj C – to new site. Gunter – shattered about Scotch Corner. Met young widow- all in vain. To Thornham – Seaver & Clifford. H. Peverel - found Capt Childe & Mr Bradley. On to Halstead – picked up Mickie & saw site. Found a billet. Back to Colchester. O/N
July 11 1942
Met Capt Childe in Sudbury. On to BSE (Bury St Edmunds) – entire day spent in looking for billets. Slept in car on way to Braintree.
July 13 1942
Reigate – to Course house with Thompson – left after a few words about re ? for HH

July 14 1942
Oxford – in own car. Corps HQ very helpful as were Coy with Stores. Return HH to interview Pearce, Pratten + ? Fiddes-Watt (gone to WO). All 3 passed.
July 15 1942
Car + driver – Reigate hut (?) – Capt Fraser – Photographs in garden. Lincoln (Pye + Campbell in hut with 3 ORs). Busy night. Maj Collings arrived + BT was sent off in his car at 4.30am. O/N
July 16 1942
Doncaster. O/C ATS Coy said Cole was too young for a Mixed Mess. On to S Dalton – Capt Fraser – long talk about Tom Shanks + complete lack of security at the HQ. To York. O/N
July 17 1942
Scotch corner with Capt Farrer. 2 x GIIs and a GIII. ?fell ???Tom? Capt Brodie going direct to ATS Offices about billets. Look at Billets. Return to Darlington. O/N
July 18 1942
Northampton – ATS Depot – explained about Orderly for BSE. Returned HQ
July 19 1942
Saw Col at HQ about Security at S Dalton and Capt Farrer – Authority given to enrol last 3 civilians. Saw Maj Jones also
July 21 1942
Joan Boitel-Gill to dinner. HH – discussed to failed TTs
July 22 1942
Shrivenham O[fficer] i/c Barracks – chest of drawers promised. ENSA Concert at HQ followed by dinner – bevy of Signals Officers called in to HQ by Maj Jones

July 23 1942
Sent her comments to HQ re TTs. HQ rang at 6pm. Wire posting her to COD [central ordnance depot] – GRB the 29th. Flabbergasted – didn’t like the idea of Ordnance.
July 24 1942
Rang Col Douglas who had already put through call to GHQ
July 26 1942
Spoke to GI 1 – thought they meant to move her regardless of Establishment. Told to go on tour ?? Had given up visit to Northern Command + he would see C/Cdr Fraser – Tyler. Set off after lunch to Reigate + E Grinstead then home
27 July 1942
Visited Sevenoaks via Heathfield – T. Wells – Capt Fraser – to Challock to see new hut. On to Canterbury. O/N
28 July 1942
Back HH via T. Wells + W Grinstead. Mr Fry taken to hospital after stroke. Charles phoned that posting is cancelled – came to HH with Lord Delamere
29 July 1942
To Swindon Hosp. With some of the family – Mr Fry died at 9.20pm
July 30 1942
Collected Capt Darwall-Smith from Swindon
July 31 1942
WO AG.16 ? - ?? posting cancelled – could have 2/Sub Colson and not Auxiliaries. Clerks TTs returned. Comments not agreed to. Pedalled to Crawley’s farewell party (bicycle obstacle races – Oxo took her back to HQ pillion on his M/C – Charles rode her bike + Fingland took Alma!
August 1 1942
After Mr F’s funeral Charles, Bill Harston + Mary Burton all stayed to lunch (HH) Remaining text cut off
Aug 2 1942
HG (Home Guard) Sports outskirts Winchester. (Capt Clive + Oxo tried to get her to throw a Mills bomb – knowing her throwing she declined!) Saw one of the Hackwoods in Winchester Hut.
Aug 3 1942
Saw Commander + GI at HQ. Read GHQ letter saying they must choose a replacement. Vetoed idea that one of ours should be chosen + Cmdr told me to ask WO
Aug 4 1942
Train to London + on to Newcastle
Aug 5 1942
Capt Grover drove her to Alnwick + was DCRE site + cottage. After lunch charming Lady Milward who will take ATS. Back via Div HQ. Capt G (with “much made-up, peroxide, crimson-nailed – ex-actress?) wife took her to dinner + the theatre. Some idea that Mrs G would like to join us – too difficult!
Aug 6 1942
Edinburgh – taken to hut by Capt Hally + Irving does want to return to H Peverel. Command HQ (MacKenzie – E Area Capt. Night at OCTU
Aug 7 1942
Interviewed “little” Dallimore at OCTU. Returned HH
Aug 8 1942
HQ battles about Trade Tests – had to agree to final suggestion that papers should be sent elsewhere for marking. Long session with Maj Jones – lunch with Lord Glanusk
Aug 10 1942
Colson arrived for interview – OK – passed test. Rocket sent off to Eleanor Norman Butler – Priscilla Badgerow discovered by telephone to have already gone on leave which only begins “after duty” today!
Aug 11 1942
Train to London and on to Norwich. Met by and taken to lecture by Belgian officer – excellent. We were specially invited by Major Collings. O/N
Aug 12 1942
Train to Taunton – Capt CR – visit to site and farm – possible billet but only possible if Orderly provided – met Capt Tracey + Mr Lloyd. O/N
Aug 13 1942
Buckland St Mary with Capt CR – Hills (much improved). Visited Attery (Corps/Adviser). Honiton – No3 TC – Chose 3 Clerks and an Orderly. To Blandford (Dorothy + Ann ? Ellis-Hughes) then Dorchester via Capt Hall-Hall. Mr MM there too. O/N
Aug 14 1942
Winchester – Records Office – caused consternation when let out that we do not publish Pt Ii Orders! Salisbury – SAOS Corps – Siren, machine gun, bombs (all SAOS under the table !!!). Out to Hut – returned Bettine their stamp book to be cleaned up. Honiton. O/N
Aug 15 1942
Taunton re Orderly to be attached. Lunch with Capt CR – up to Brown (billet). Return to HH

Aug 16 1942
Saw GI about retaining ATS – said she hated them being there – hated anti-officer atmosphere. He enlarged on that – to her surprise. Maj Jones called in about producing Signalmen. Everything going wrong at Taunton and Orderly at BSE has died in suspicious circumstances.
Aug 17 1942
Conference at HQ with GI – Bill Harston – Maj Jones about more of ATS to HH. Eventually decided but shattered by GI’s extreme outspokenness on having ATS in mess (having lunch there). Bill H having asked, assured he didn’t mean me. Broke news to Mrs Fry of more ATS – took it gladly.
Aug 18 1942
Telephoned SAQ c (Station Area Quartering Cmdt). Staff car to Honiton – spent a long time choosing Welfare stuff – curtains etc. O/N
Aug 19 1942
With Capt CR much shuffling of personnel – short lecture to Officers at Hut. Returned HH
Aug 20 1942
Capt Buckle – from SAQC – and assistant inspected whole accommodation – passed stable for Rest Room and mess but not for sleeping. Alma returned in 3-ton lorry with masses of furniture – curtains etc – distributed to rooms. Short cycle ride.
Aug 21 1942
Lots of sorting of (above) then in own car to O i/c Barracks to collect pots + pans. Capt Hall-Hall at HH – leapt into his car to fight for his ATS but GI quelled him.
Aug 22 1942
More barracks stuff – terrific moving into rooms, making blackouts etc. Major J at HH. Recreational Training for all. Dallimore arrived + passed Test.
Aug 23 1942
Car + driver – Reigate. Thompson for the last time + Olga looking thin + tired. H Peverel – Lloyd. Colchester – Capt Childe. O/N
Aug 24 1942
Left at 9.30 – broke it to Thomas she was not a success. BSE – Mickie + Shaw re funeral (Orderly). Met Freddie Childe. On to Thornham to take Yolande’s present from Unit. Ipswich. O/N (at Capt Tallent’s house)
Aug 25 1942
London – AG.16(0) + (b) – both helpful. Back HH
Aug 26 1942
Summoned to HQ (? Blown up by Capt Tallents) to give Capt Fingland some figures. Saw Col Douglas + added 2 points – “most embarrassing letters” and “reprimand by senior ATS Officer”. ??? Shrivenham – promised more rugs by Mr Atherton – Welfare Officer (Mrs Wilkin) gave lots of lovely things including w ?? + Tennikoit(?)

Aug 27 1942
Oxford – “A” Coy gathering clothes + WVS
Aug 28 1942
Visited Miss Banbury, Warneford Place in case we should move the Attery there if her school goes. Far too many rooms. GI rang that BT, clerk, car + driver are now authorised!
Aug 29 1942
Aldermaston – chose 3 Clerks also Sub Rush to replace Alma. Heavy storm – telephones down – HQ flooded + all lights off!
Aug 30 1942
Visit from Major Jones, Charles R + Capt Peek (new GI off on course) – (made map case for Capt Fraser)
Aug 31 1942
Staff car to Lincoln via Oxford + Leicester – Campbell D alone. Doncaster – Hilary + Airlie. O/N at Lotherton Hall
September 1 9142
Capts Shanks + Farrer at Scotch Corner – much discussing. Lunch Capt F – returned to Hut – drive to Newcastle. O/N
Sept 2 1942
Capt Grover called – went to Alnwick with Capt Shanks – Hopette, looking ill. Lunch Alnmouth – train Edinburgh. Taxi to Hut. Rosemary Astley-Cooper in red belt. Train to Newcastle. O/N
Charles + Capt & Mrs Grover at Hotel
Sept 3 1942
On to S Dalton –Dicken alone. Then to Newark. O/N
Sept 4 1942
Returned HH. Cicely, Norris, Colson, Lane-Jones, Moss + Dallimore arrived.
Sept 5 1942

Course began well – Charles had them almost all day. Postings decided at HQ with Maj Jones

Sept 6 1942
Officers at HQ all morning – map-reading after lunch. Charles to tea.
Sept 7 1942
Course progresses well. with very good food. WO authorised posting of Hollis – Heyman + Hornby
Sept 8 1942
Collected more crockery for Maj Harred + coal limit? Mr Oakey brought 2 Scout Officers to HH
Sept 9 1942

On range with Course – afternoon. After fair amount of work left in own car for W Grinstead – Janet alone – with Jane to Canadian Camp Cmdt + talk about Transport return them
Sept 10 1942
Preferred to dump all Officer’s kit – Joan + Mary – return car. All ORs on Rec Training.
Sept 11 1942

7 days leave
Sept 18 1942
Heathfield – Barden with man beginning the sad business of taking over. Canterbury – Ronald in Hut. “Benjy” + Hilliers in ATS Mess. Called in to C Palace to see uncle – picnic lunch. Then to TW – all 3 there (Britten much happier). O/N home
Sept 19 1942
E Grinstead – Hilary said Angela was very unsatisfactory. Reigate – Lunch in Mess with Doris White – Returned HH
Sept 20 1942
Charles at HH – advised me to get rid of all the ATS who want to go. Edinburgh OCTU closed – Astley-Cooper + Hay-Whiting (now Goodman), must go at once.
Sept 21 1942

Train to London – WO re Janet (Purves-Smith?) O/N
Sept 22 1942

WO. Re Rosemary (Astley-Cooper) – Pamela (Irving). Called at No2 LD Grp. Train back to HH
[Type written page 13] 1 month missing
October 22 1942
S Dalton – went south by Hull + ferry to Lincoln O/N (Price YW)

Oct 23 1942
Left 9.30 but lost way completely (3 Airmen picked up – misdirected) getting into London at 4.0. AG.15 – none of AU ATS Officers posted yet. To HH arriving early 9pm. Camp Commander has refused to certify that Simms is filling a vacancy in Establishment for trade pay.
Oct 24 1942

Answered C Cmdt’s letter – threatened to give Simms to Maj Jones who came round + an amusing talk was had about Dodo + Maj Collings. Showing ?.
To NAAFI + O i/c Barracks. Fires authorised at last!
Oct 25 1942
Telephone calls from Lord Delamere + C Cmdt going to get Simms authorised “Surplus to Establishment” – so she would be removed. Spent afternoon ??ting lectures for course.
Oct 26 1942
Astley-Cooper, Goodman, Stronach, Fox, Adams-Beck, Hilliers + Curtis arrived. Found us – went to CH for Troops Concert. Conjurers made incessant cracks at Camp Cmdt + me at Lord D both there!
Oct 27 1942
Course went well – All interested and ready to learn – not tiring or alarming – unlike very first!
Oct 28 1942
Mickie Browne telephoned that Mary Shaw had been knocked down by a car and had serious head injuries. Maddening letter from C Cmdt about Simms
Oct 29 1942
Drove to HQ to see War Establishment. Col Douglas + C Cmdt – both met. Talked to Joan + Mary Burton. Got through a good deal of work with help of Joan. Telephone message that Hilliers is to go on Course on 6th. Rosemary Astley-Cooper will take Mary Shaw’s place at Bury.
Oct 30 1942
Drive to Salisbury with Joan. Dorothy + Paget at Hut. To Southern Command HQ re Curtis’ name for ?? Lecture Scheme.
Oct 31 1942
HQ with Alma (back) to see GI about Simms (kind + helpful)
November 1 1942
To Oxford – in own car. HQ to discuss with Maj Jones promotions of 2/Subs. All OK except Dodo Campbell to be posted but come to HQ first. Got off work re posting. Annoying letter signed by GI to Records: “Pte Simms loaned by our Subsidiary ATS Unit”

Nov 2 1942
HQ – GI said he had signed letter without reading it – had now told “Old Nasty” “that the ATS were no more subsidiary than he was”! He (O.N.) is to go to Records Office
Nov 3 1942
Reigate – Eve talk about leave; to Hilary about Campbell D + then went with Hilary to OC No2 Signals Coy – will see what he can do. To Putney to meet family – Grandmamma died yesterday.
Nov 4 1942

To WO (Hobart House) – discussed Pamela Goodman’s possible baby. To Canterbury (through fog). Britton + Pratten + Patience away. O/N at Palace
Nov 5 1942

Maj Collings rang Hut – urged to visit Norwich on Sat (7th Sept). Phyllis Britton had had a letter from Eleanor about using local hotels for their jaunts On to Harrietsham – Ely + Peggy Boversham? there. To Div HQ – friendly + helpful. Qualms about Norwich – rang Cmdr + GI + decided to return to HQ. O/N London
Nov 6 1942
Grandma’s funeral
Uncle’s enthronement ??
Nov 7 1942
HQ – saw Maj Harston + Maj Jones re Maj Collings and Dodo. Saw Cmdr + GI – told all – very helpful
Nov 10 1942

Drive to Winchester – Col Morris (Records) – explained whole situation – most kind – has authorised a L/Cpl & a Cpl. Saw cards of All which included Heywood, Ward, Seaver + Charrington. On return got C Cmdt to agree that Simms’ name is inserted on Estabishment Certificate.
Nov 11 1942
Letter to Maj C – any queries regarding Dodo’s move must be put to Commander
Nov 12 1942
WD transport to Salisbury – Hut found window open – light + heater on + no one in! To SOAT Conf. Revisited Hut – billeting problem arisen. Up to Taunton O/N stay
Nov 13 1942
Priscilla + Airlie at Hut, Mary on leave. On to Birmingham. Persuaded DADOS to produce gum-boots. Back to Salisbury – ATS + DADOS gum- boots promised. Returned HH
Nov 15 1942
Drive to HQ to see Maj Jones – Tea with Harstons, dinner with Joneses’

Nov 16 1942
Did PtII Orders & renewed map cases. Elizabeth + Dodo arrived – needless to say Maj C has too, but gone direct to HQ. Interview after dinner. Quite straightforward – much surprise expressed.
Nov 17 1942
Dodo asked for another interviews – to appeal. To HQ – Commander – excellent - would try to alter recommendation of 3 months’ more probation !!! Off to Doncaster – WD vehicle + Dvr
Nov 18 1942
Visited Eleanor + Joan Fox + Miss Dynes. S Dalton – all 3 well. Lunched in mess. Long afternoon with Capt Farrer. Message from Eliz (Rush) to ring her. Read from telegram from Maj C demanding an interview. On to York. O/N
Beare posted away
Nov 19 1942

To Alnwick – waited for Ann (Ellis-Hughes) at Hut then billet. Fed up + full of grumbles. On to Morpeth + Newcastle. O/N
Nov 20 1942
Capt Grover – told by Charles R that it was? Ann’s own fault she left Blandford. Scotch Corner for lunch provided by the 3 for price ?? at a billet. To Doncaster. Eleanor in a flap owing to arrival of Maj C – very irate! Left in Hut with him – kept temper and all made laughable. O/N
Nov 21 1942
Returned HH via Oxford (ADOS) – agreed to all supplies but said we have to see DAQMG [deputy Assistant Quartermaster General] for one demand. To HQ to see Maj J – still uncertain of his line – saw also Cmdr, Lord Delamere and Bill Harston
Nov 23 1942
Col Smith-Piggott (QC) + underling shown around HH – more of the house to be requisitioned to provide room for 22 ORs and extra washing accommodation. Col SD tackled Mrs Fry.
Nov 24 1942
Left for BSE – much toing + froing with Mickie to Police + Mary’s accident. Visited hospital + saw ?? ??. Gave dinner to Mickie, Yolande + Margot + film. O/N at “Angel”
Nov 25 1942

Halstead – with Ann Gunter, spent all day in vain hunt for billets. On to H Peverel, then Colchester O/N. Cordwell left for OCTU

Nov 26 1942
Returned to H Peverel – able to talk to Cicely. To ‘other place’ with Avis + Pamela but security vague. Lunch at Witham then on through London + home
Nov 27 1942
T. Wells. First called at wrong Canadian HQ for 1 Corps HQ – saw Barden (Marjorie) alone. On to Reigate. Doris redirected to lunch. Bearded OC No2 Coy helpful about their being attached to him. HH. Found note from Cmdr asking what has been done about Dodo!
Nov 28 1942
Train to London – taken to lunch by Andy – sounded him about a job in his show. WO – told whole story “off the record” of Dodo. “I had been right” but consultation with AG.15 and MS shows no alternative but to withdraw for lack of evidence. Returned HH
Nov 30 1942
Drive to Salisbury – with Bettine Holmes visited DAQMG - all met at possible billet and all (after I know) was arranged. Back at HH 7.30
December 1 1942
HH – Col Stranach – O i/c Admin Salisbury Plain District arrived with Capt Barker – ready to get us more washing facilities. To HQ – long talk with Maj Jones who agrees to withdraw about Dodo. Collected 9 new bicycles (in back of car).
Dec 2 1942
Price drove to Essex. Eliz to WO for another interview. Car loaded with 9 bicycles! Cicely Hopkins alone at H Peverel – three b’s then– three more at Halstead – last 3 at BSE. Dinner with the Shaws (Mary looked dreadful). O/N
Dec 3 1942
Wait for Mickie + picked up Shaws for Court. Mary’s case a travesty – prosecution missed all its many chances + case was dismissed. Returned to Suffolk to collect “Proceedings” from Police (most garbled) – met Mickie, Yolande at Mary’s hotel for Court of Enquiry in her bedroom. Returned to hotel. O/N
Dec 4 1942
To HQ at 3.30. Elizabeth Rush v excited at possibility of job as Education Officer
Dec 5 1942
Trip to NAAFI + Barracks NCO for coal bricks
Dec 6 1942
Rang AG.15 – Elizabeth is to go on Course 14-20th in Dec. Success on ??

Dec 7 1942
To York loaded with bicycles + Alma’s luggage
Dec 8 1942

Train to York – met by Div. To Catterick ? AS luggage Scotch Corner – 3 bikes. Back to Catterick O/N at Grp HQ
Dec 9 1942
as the leaving luggage – on to Alnmouth where O i/c Barracks agreed to all Lodging List. To Hut. Ann still disgruntled – dropped bikes at billet. Back to Newcastle. O/N
Dec 10 1942
To S Dalton, a new way – met Capt Farrer – drove us to York (for dinner, Price following). O/N at Attery. Said “Charles is leaving!”
Dec 11 1942 :: in margin
Called at Donca re car wheel. Strange smell then fearful crash. Diverted to W/shop at Worksop! Lunch arranged
Dec 12 1942
HH – Elizabeth Rush considered to take leave + departure too much for granted. Drive to HQ – saw Maj Jones + Bill Harston (who gave her a Mine!) + GI re promotion of Hollis (to Sgt?) in BT’s office. Got letter from SD about leave. Met (new RE) Capt Lee.
Dec 14 1942
London by car – Hopette’s posting by wire just as we were leaving. WO promised to stop picking recruits. O/N @ Club (Price to Fannery)
Dec 15 1942
To Canterbury – left 3 bikes with Ronald + Pyllis Britton. Onto Harrietsham – 3 bikes left – pathetic ?? from Hazel (Richardson) + Peggy Bond or Bird? Home O/N
Dec 16 1942
Heathfield – called on “the Marjories ” – (Wynne) Read alone – delivered 3 bikes. Rusper. Lady Trevaskis. On to Reigate – Lunch in Hut, waiting for Doris (White?). Return to HH. Seaver coming on Friday 18th. Inspected Gas Masks 8pm! Charles came to say “goodbye”.
Dec 18 1942
Staff car to Oxford. Lunch in ATS Grp Mess. Saw Quartering major – Hopette arrived in time for dinner
Dec 20 1942
Inspected kit of Hornby + Bennett (Clerks) - to HQ. Session with Maj Jones – Tea in Ante-Room with GI, Lord D – Capts Fingland + Lee – Mr Patterson _ & new SD Major ? Was told Maj Collings is being returned to Regimental Duties !! Hopette left
Dec 21 1942

Gen and Mrs Lukin at HH with small presents + remnants of “Bundles for Britain”. Spent an hour going round rooms with Mrs Fry
--- on leave
Dec 26 1942

Letter arrived – detail for Seaver’s officers course – 4-9 Jan + 18 Jan-4 Feb
28 Dec 1942
Returned HH
30 Dec 1942
Drove to Oxford (in own car) to collect Stores
31 Dec 1942
Rang Miss Barford about answer to Hugman letter – it has been turned down. Have put it on to GI.


January 1 1943
HH – started new Card Index
Jan 2 1943
Finished new Card Index + new Daily Strength Register. Rang AG.16(0) about Elizabeth Rush – to go next Sat (9 Jan) to Inverness. Told Doris White to report here on Tues 5th. Mrs Hugman came for test.
Jan 3 1943
Col Douglas rang and asked for her news as to whether ATS Clerks are being fully employed. Wrote a letter which will put cat among pigeons! Went to Taunton (Capt Coxwell-Rogers) – supper with Capt Fenwick + Capt Strangman. O/N
Jan 4 1943
Took Capt CR to Hut and back to billets, seeing Ralph on the way. Took Airlie (24 hr leave). To Salisbury (Paget asked for release) + then Winchester. Airlie + Price drove off. Stayed in billet
Jan 5 1943
First lecture – scramble to get to Snr Officers Course – Interesting day
Jan 6 1943
Visited Col Golding (Records) looking into our promotions.

Jan 7 1943
Masses more notes before leaving for home
Jan 8 1943
Jan 9 1943
Records exam. Train to Swindon – met by Price. Doris already installed. Posting letters till late in the evening.

Jan 10 1943
HH. Maj Jones came – got posting instructions completed. Col has agreed to an over [OC?]-issue
Jan 11 1943
Left for Oxford – by train to Newcastle. O’Grady AWOL. O/N
Jan 12 1943
Capt Carver 9.30. Billet hunting. Tried QC’s house – the Police and then the Millward’s who will have ATS if we can produce a Cook – seems the only solution. Hut – June + Olga – Ann’s billet. Asked Div HQ (ATS Grp) for cook. Tried Carver? parts for parts. O/N @ Hotel
Jan 13 1943
Train back to Oxford – met by Doris. O’Grady + O’Connor both AWOL! ? at HQ for ORs. Wire from O’Grady – O’Connor rang up – taken ill – now at Swindon
Jan 14 1943
O’Grady returned - 3 days extra duties. Mr Laitham visited HH – he + Dorothy talked “Hong Kong” over lunch.
Jan 15 1943
Airlie fell of bicycle + broken her nose!
Jan 16 1943
 All plans for Alnwick fallen through – Doris to go up next week (slaving over PTII Orders!)
Jan 17 1943
AG.20 rang to say odd that information hadn’t been passed – Course now off until 18th. Decided to go to Alnwick myself tomorrow.

Jan 18 1943
9.45 Drove with Price straight to Newcastle 6pm O/N

Jan 19 1943
Call at Div HQ – GOC away + GI out – to Alnwick – saw Ann ?– temporary billet found for Pamela. Police offered new name (Mr Anderson) – fixed up for all 3 to lodge but not feed. Back to Morpeth O/N
Jan 20 1943
Saw GI – said he would ask but not force OC Unit to have ATS in Mess. Spent ages with Col Leethbridge – offered several suggestions but said he would do his best with OC Unit. On to Alnwick – Pamela there – lunch in hut. After lunch met Col Villiers – willing to have them. Back to Hut – picked up Pamela – introduced to Anderson, then tea in Mess. At 5.0 lifted Col V, batman + luggage. Dinner at Hotel with Col Villiers and a Col Grant who had been a Maj when she was at Fort George.
Returned to Newcastle. O/N.
Jan 21 1943
S. Corner – lunch with Whiting, Filer + Read (F + R feel far from home!)
S Dalton – got bogged + had to be extracted by farm cart – cost 5/- ! Britten very disgruntled. Beverley O/N
Jan 22 1943
Price arrived early to say car had vanished – CMPs had taken it. Went to ATS Coy + CMPs – apparently no one had informed OC’s husband ?? that car would be in his yard overnight. Found car eventually.
To Doncaster – Fox + Dallimore. Back to HH via Oxford.
Jan 23 1943
Janet rang – Eve not available – having baby. J to go to Alnwick on 26th
24 Jan 1943
Drove to HQ in own car for short conference with GI, Maj Jones + Kirkness about increase in Establishment. GI reported BT did very well on the Records Course (90%). Finally decided an increase of 25 ATS Officers is necessary. Bettine told to go to Alnwick on Tues 26th. Joan B-Gills to tea – Doris went to tea with Mrs Fry!
Jan 25 1943
Mr Latham looked in + decided on partitioning in long room. Lot of furniture arrived. Packed + then went for fairly long cycle ride after tea
Jan 26 1943

Drive to Canterbury via London – all 3 v cheerful. V boring driving at 30mph! O/N Hotel
Jan 27 1943
Harrietsham – all fairly contented. Got map ref for Paddockhurst – all cheerful – Barden not there. To home O/N

Jan 28 1943
Leisurely drive to Reigate – Mickie, Hilary, Olga + June. Bided time near Bagshot so as not to arrive too early for Course. Doris rant to say Paymaster is being a plague
Jan 29 1943
Welfare discussion – interesting
Jan 30 1943
Tried to compose lecture – was to have been on “Feudal India” ??? of syndicate
Made such a nonsense of it – all laughed so much – never dare to give it!
Jan 31 1943
Deluge and worst gale for years
February 1 1943
Scheme on [ceremonial] visit a.m. DATS lecture after lunch. Scheme on PtII Orders before dinner. Practised speech after
Feb 2 1943
Ch Instr ???? [text missing]my criticisms called it “Beedaker”
Feb 3 1943
Field Officer of the day – Programme as usual plus Drill. Telephoned stables to arrange ride tomorrow. B/met inspection 7 + 10pm
Feb 4 1943
Slack day – found stables and rode shaggy quiet animal for ½ hour. Hitched lorry back to ? “Lots of wear on the brain”!!
Feb 5 1943
Letter from Capt Grover – GOC is annoyed that ATS are in Unit Mess. Rang GI + Doris
Feb 6 1943
Visit from Maj Jones – sat in his car + discussed June with whom both annoyed. Annoying letter from “Old Nasty” re Hayman. Phoned + got rocket from CO (B Ph)

Feb 7 1943
Left in own car to Reigate. Saw GI who turns out to know Cicely. To Lady Carlisle who has a possible Officer for us. On to mess – long talk with Mickie – Olga – Dorothy – June with private session after. Returned for Group Conference after dinner.
Feb 8 1943
Telephoned AG.16 re officer from Lady C. Official interview by Controller “Officers who have travelled more valuable than long strings of Degrees”!
Feb 9 1943
Almost caught up with work – changed into Tartan skirt for Guest Night! V well – lectures – scheme – last period debate on Detention Barracks.
Feb 10 1943
A new AC1 - all Senior Officers must be reported on - GI doing hers.
11th Feb 1943
Scheme on Messing – said what she thought about the subject to a syndicate member + lecturer was just outside the door. 48-hour break in London
Feb 12 1943

Two lectures by a JOG[?] on evidence. 48 hrs break
Feb 14 1943
Back to Course – letter from Barden saying she had refused to obey Capt Shanks’ orders. Rang Maj Jones
Feb 15 1943
More leisurely day – catch up on notes by writing dummy & ?? lectures etc. Got away at 4.0
Feb 16 1943
Dining in Night followed by futile ‘Conference’ – alternatives to Detention
Feb 17 1943
Lectures, Schemes, Drill notes
Feb 18 1943
All schemes over
Feb 19 1943
Outside lectures with ?? Syndicate took staff ??? ???
Feb 20 1943
Drove to see exercise at Reigate – GI – Maj Kirkness + Capt Fraser walked in. On to Paddockhurst + home in blackout
Feb 21 1943
Back to Course – just inside Bagshot Park gates saw AU car behind – stopped + GI sprang out + said “You’re under arrest”! All gone well on exercise
Feb 22 1943
Drill at which practise words of command. Day of suspense agonising over reports – got a “B”
Feb 23 1943
Left Bagshot in own car to London. AG.16 helpful + will overrule Barford. AG.15 also helpful. On to Camp 20 O/N
Feb 24 1943
Back to HH – Dodo suddenly taken ill – could be epilepsy
Feb 25 1943
New “Scheme” Stations assemble – Off to Canterbury in HQ Staff car – Heard all about Dodo’s fit from Cicely. Saw her in hospital + spoke ADMS – almost sure she will be carded? out. O/N stay. Saw Dodo again – back in Hut where John Collings phoned for the second time
Feb 26 1943
on to Wendover – billet with all 6 – then to tent –Maj Jones explained scheme. Back HH via Dorchester
Feb 27 1943
Mr Latham at HH bearing “gifts”
Feb 28 1943
Joan + Doris to tea with the Harstons
March 1 1943
Set off at 10am to visit the ‘temporary stations’. Picnic lunch and real tea.? HQ. Saw the Queen. Off Maj Collings + his batch followed by Capt Farrer + real tea. On return Maj Jones asked both of them to dinner
Mar 2 1943
Went to HQ with Doris to see which way the battle raged. Then set off for Reigate – found them busy. On to Paddockhurst – Mary alone at first, then Elizabeth came in. Tea in billet with Priscilla. Returned to Salisbury (12.30) overtaking tanks! Via Annie with relative in Petersfield
Mar 3 1943
Interesting night – a lot going on. Ann + Hackwoods slept in tent from 3 to 4.15am. Watched convoys left at 7am – back HH for breakfast at 9am
Mar 5 1943
To Wendover to pay the billets – ATS had all left. Returned HH via Oxford – bought tapestry.
Mar 7 1943
Maj Jones at HH “The Commander has been taken home in an Ambulance – very ill.”
Mar 8 1943
Busy day with PtII Orders
Mar 9 1943
Salisbury for SATSOs – lasted till 5pm. Made Price drive on while she walked ???? London Town – met Bettine – Dorothy MM who wants to come to HQ for interview.
Mar 10 1943
With Price drove to Angela ??? ??? HQs
Mar 12 1943
On to H Peverel – Betty on her bicycle – Ann in hut – lunched there. On to Halstead + then to BSE (Maj Jones + Mr Bradley). All ATS came and dined at Angel. Yolande will soon be leaving the ATS. Set off via Newmarket – lunch at am and then stopped at Attery in Oxford + back to HH
Mar 13 1943
Vetted Hannington Vicarage – will take 14 ORs, 7 officers + no ???
Mar 15 1943

Train to London O/N @ Club
Mar 16 1943
London – 3 interviews 2-3.30 at Harrods. Candidates in place
Mar 17 1943
Accommodation Board Inspection all over Vicarage (Col Sherrard, Maj Harston, REs + drains, Lord Delamere + Marcus (the Col is ill). Pleasant + satis affair. Water only problem.
Mar 18 1943
Left car at Shrivenham – picked up by Price – on to Taunton. All 3 at hut. With Hazel to tea with the Grahams so did Capt Coxwell-Rogers – Col to dinner. O/N Hotel CR to dinner
Mar 19 1943
Still Taunton. Visited Dist HQ to leave War Establishment then Camp Commandant about Elsan – he is an obstructionist. CMP had opened car + taken our Respirators but they were v pleasant. Return HH
Mar 20 1943
Majs Jones + Kirkness visited HH. “In Night” – read revised standing orders and referred to new Bath Roster
Mar 22 1943
To Doncaster with Price – all 3 there O/N
Mar 23 1943
S Dalton – Ronald on leave, Pratten in bed, lunch with Moss. Scotch Corner – message to ring up CH at once – no telep[hone] so on to Darlington
Got through from signals Section – nothing vital. O/N stay
Mar 24 1943
Newcastle – Morpeth – Alnwick (Bettine off duty, others flourishing). Dinner in mess – Col Villiers. Pamela now engaged – back to N’castle
Mar 25 1943
Capt Gough lent his car – looked over Runciman’s house – interviewed housekeeper with no success. Visited hut. Invited Capts Gough + Grover for lunch then moved off complete with Stores – to Doncaster O/N stay then return to HH
Mar 28 1943
Decided to revise filing system – worked from 12 till 7.30pm – achieved it! Car broke down + telephone out of order
Mar 29 1943
HQ to do “red and blue Officers” with Maj Jones. Hopkins + T ?? Ts– both passed
Mar 30 1943
Seems probable that owing to drains the move to the Vicarage is unlikely. Saw Maj Jones + had tea with Oxendens
Mar 31 1943
Train to London. Interviewed Mrs Pybus at Harrods. Hobart House (AG.16a) about Establishment. Returned HH
April 1 1943
On leave – Message received from HH “Alnwick Unit is moving – where are the 3 ATS to meet”?
Lunch with D’s parents. Reigate for tea then to Ardingly + home
Apr 9 1943
Visited T.W (Maj Grundy) on to Canterbury – Cecily + Norris. O/N stay in Putney Taken with Avis to my ?? ?? ??
Margin :: Farnham to meet Doris + charming husband
Apr 10 1943
WO (AG.15, 16 + 18) also asked about her own future. Return HH
Apr 11 1943
Maj J at HH
Apr 12 1943
Course now planned on next Mon 19th
Apr 13 1943
Salisbury (SATSOs Conf). Lunched with the two Hackwoods. Rang Mr Atherton for Barrack Stores. O/N stay at Camp. “Saw Hewlett at last”!
Apr 14 1943
Taunton – visited both places of duty with Hazel. Returned HH
Apr 15 1943
@ 9.30 drove to BSE (Eleanor, Mary + Yolande – says she didn’t go with E+M but with Waddy Cole – can’t remember date). Maj Jones + Capt Oakie arrived. On to Halstead for tea – brake cable broke. Called at H Peverel then to Brentford. O/N stay. Return to HH following day
Apr 19 1943
Store-keeping course – Graham, Kaines, Ellis-Hughes, Norman-Butler, Lloyd, Ronald + Whiting arrived. Short session with Patience – just became engaged.
Margin (Given bit of land mine & parachute silk.)
Apr 20 1943
Break day with duplications of PtII Orders etc
Apr 21 1943
Gave all officers PtII Orders + checked Equipment
Present Joan with present from unit
Apr 22 1943
Maj Jones has chosen Graham, Whiting, Kaines + Ellis-Hughes from stores keeping course. Staff car to Scotch Corner for tea – Newcastle by 6.30 – Capt Grover long talk. O/N stay
Apr 23 1943
Fenham Barracks – Lunch + tea – trier? at Min of Labour – interviewed about 20 Orderlies of whom both volunteers for Alnwick were only 18. On to Alnwick. Dinner in Mess. O/N stay
Apr 24 1943
Met Capt Gough + rendezvoused with Agent + Capt Carver. Lunched with both. Nothing to do until Monday 26th so went to Edinburgh with Mr Thimont. Stayed at OCTU O/N
Apr 25 1943
Train to Alnmouth – met by Drv invited to billet. O/N stay

Apr 26 1943
Breakfast in mess. Then to Hut. Then back to N’castle – interviewed excellent Orderly. Back again to Alnwick – collected Pamela for interview with Lady R – all amicably settled. Returned to Newcastle – to Fenham for the night
Apr 27 1943
Called on O’Leary – Quartering Commandant + GI with Capt Grover (Mrs may come into Unit). Left for S Dalton. Found Capt Shanks there – went up in smoke over new store plan. On to York. Dinner with Capts Farrer, Lee + Shanks. O/N stay
Apr 28 1943
9.30 left for Doncaster and reached HH at 18.30. A Brig Baird from GHQ has phoned to ask for Paget
Apr 29 1943
Train to London. Interviewed Horning (Harrods) who does not want to come into Aux Units. Joan’s wedding pm. O/N stay
Apr 30 1943
AG.16 re Paget + Horning. Returned HH. Planned move
May 1 1943
Maj Jones came over + explained move – got all preliminaries done + stencils
May 2 1943
Hard work all day on move – completed by 4pm
May 3 1943
Drove to HQ (Maj Jones/printed out that Posting letter. Should have been “Copy” to him + GSO2! Introduced Doris to Marcus, Capts Lee + Fingland. Afternoon doing “Instructions to Stores Officers”.
May 4 1943
Canterbury (Cicely + Norris v depressed about next move) O/N stay
May 5 1943

To T. Wells – all cheerful. On to Reigate – long session + tea in Mess with v depressed Dorthy MM. On to Ardingly – only Priscilla there. Dinner – Midhurst + O/N in Petersfield.
May 6 1943
Winchester (Betty Kanter). Return HH before 3
May 7 1943
With Doris visited Mixed Battery – shown around.

May 8 1943
To Oxford with Price + Doris in a vain search for “Miss Cole” (Moral Welfare) Exchanged clothing then return to HH
May 10 1943
Summoned to HQ by Marcus about new establishment – all planned. Agreed to one request (Hollis to HQ) but others undecided.
May 11 1943
Salisbury (SATSOs Conf) visited Hut (Capt Oakley arrived). Short session with Ann E-H? On to Exeter v much blitzed O/N stay
May 12 1943
Interviewed Sub Brace – who does not want after all to come in. On to Taunton – met Airlie + Mary – to hut after lunch. Return to HH. Establishment passed.
May 13 1943
Drove to London – AG.15 v helpful. Interviewed Robertson – suitable. On to H Peverel, saw Mickie. On to Colchester. O/N Mr Bradley, Mr Thimont to duties at Hotel. V exciting night – raid on Chelmsford
May 14 1943
Capt Childe – drove to Halstead – lunch Nina’s cottage. On to BSE – Maj Collings there. Visited Thornham Magna + back to BSE. Dinner with Maj C, Mr + Mrs Bradley + Mr Thimont, Hilary, Bettine + Waddy. O/N stay
May 15 1943
Saw Hilary in her new office + Mary Shaw will come to HQ. Return to HH
May 17 1943
Called on Mr Atherton + returned well equipped
May 18 1943
Dealt with PtII Orders
May 19 1943
Looked at a farm – possible housing for half Attery if the Vicarage can contain the rest. Capt Patterson looked in – Airlie to tea + interview Miss Cochraine
May 20 1943
showed us over the delightful farmhouse – could sleep 14 – on to see Lord Delamere about the Vicarage – no good. Maj Jones introduced new Col Ramsay – decided to have a party on 29th

May 21 1943
Late start to Doncaster with Price. (Barden + Read both cheerful) O/N stay.
May 22 1943
Reggie Rivington? (a relative) burst in at breakfast. Visited S Dalton – on to Scotch corner – Elizabeth, Moss + Colsen there + Margaret Whiting. O/N stay
May 23 1943
Left Darlington for Newcastle – called on Group HQ ATS. On to Alnwick – Hut – Dorothy alone. Tea with Capt Gough. Atkinson v happy + all well. On to Berwick. O/N stay
May 24 1943
Left 09.30 – reached OCTU at 11.00 – interviewed Swann – altogether too slow + stolid. Left for Carlisle – Dinner at Penrith (somewhere beyond found lovely hay-filled Barn – goodnight!)
Tue May 25
On to Manchester – Major Jones on leave but his sub very helpful. To Derby (Hilary Paddock)
Wed May 26 1943
Return Hannington Hall.
Thur May 27
Staff car to Oxford – arranged to draw our own stores. W???? Ordnance Depot – Capt Seale & Mrs Bushy Mary Shaw arrived looking like a ghost.
Fri May 28
New (woman) medical officer arrived for inspection Mary did a lot of amendments.
Sun May 30
Wrote to records about the establishment
Mon May 31
To Oxford interviewed Dr Flesher and sent them ??? back to HQ for tests - both passed
Tue June 1 1943
Train to London – interviewed cpl Horushby at Harrods. Overnight stay
Wed June 2
Interviewed Bloxham and Williams at Harrods. Returned Hannington Hall. Very amusing supper party at the Finglands – whole unit there. Back to Hannington Hall at 2am.

Mon June 7
Bloxham and Williams came for test – both passed.
Tue June 8
Salisbury – (SATSO Conference = Senior ATS Officers) visited hut and took Ann out to show her new site. Returned to Hannington Hall.
Wed June 9
Train to London – Interviewed Laurie at Harrods – luckily she withdrew.
Thur June 10 1943
Drove to London in own car – interviewed Hough – On to Halstead hut. (8:30) Hackwood there. Had use of hut overnight.
Fri June 11
Visited Bury (St Edmunds), Thornham and back to Bury. Dined Newmarket – on towards Bishops Stortford. Found 3 lovely hay-stacks near Manuden. Thunder in distance.

Sat June 12
Awoken at 03:30 am by large drops of rain. Returned Hannington Hall. Losing her way as usual near St Albans. Interviewed CSM Reeves
Mon June 14
CSM Reeves passed test – elected to hitch-hike back to Oxford. Hough came for test and also passed. To Tallents sherry party – unit well represented – all of us stayed to dinner.
Tue June 15
Reigate – saw new hut. On to Ardingly pep talk to Hazel. Return to home.
Wed June 16
To Tunbridge Wells – very good. Sevenoaks – long talk to Wendy. On to Canterbury hut – Joan Pratten. Overnight stay at Mrs Ronald
Thur June 17 1943
Drove to London. Interviewed Heather Bell. Visited AG.15 about interviewing OCTU cadets. Left for Windsor at 4:30 Car gave ??? Hammersmith ??? chugged to Slough when it recovered! Saw Hornby. Slept in field. No nice haystack. Convoys roared past all night.
Sat June 19
Doris and Mary collected blankets and a lot of crockery for Mrs ????

Mon June 21
To Doncaster with Price. On to Harrogate.
Tue June 22
Called at Scotch Corner ??? Capt Shanks then Newcastle found Mr Chappell at station so handed new generals revolver. Caught train to Edinburgh – reached OCTU at 7pm Interviewed Rigby and Waterhouse Brown. Overnight.
Wed June 23
Left Edinburgh – met Price at Alnmouth – On to Alnwick and Darlington. Overnight
Thur June 24
S Dalton - lunch at Field Force Unit As arranged on the night arrived at Capt Leigh ??? on to Strensal Overnight stay in transit camp at Pontyfract
Fri June 25
Went to York saw C/Cdr re batwoman at South Dalton. Drive to WOSB in Leeds saw AB Controller. On to Doncaster then to Derby at barracks Hillary Paddock still there. Brother is missing. Overnight
Sat June 26
Then back to Hannington Hall
Sun June 27
Major Jones at Hannington Hall stayed for lunch. Simms going to marry Styan while on leave next week.
Mon June 28
Drove to Sutton in own car.
Tue June 29
Salisbury – visited hut and billet gave B Dicken ultimatum. Ran out of petrol. Returned HQ. Major Jones determined to have new station at Elgin working on 15th.
Wed June 30
??? Delamere came to tea to discuss Simms. The commander is prepared to keep both her and Styan. Hannington Hall garden open to the public but few came – and no Americans!
(July) 1st
On leave to Thur July 8th
Sat July 10
Completed equipment

Sun July 11
Maj J called
Mon July 12
Train to London – Interviewed Herbert and Gyles at Harrods & Stanton (who withdrew) Train to Newcastle Overnight stay
Tue July 13
Train to Aberdeen – met by Capt Drummond drive to Elgin overnight stay.
Wed July 14
Taken to hut by Capt met Joan and Nina. Discussed work at Capt D’s office then to hut plus possible billets overnight stay.
Thur July 15
Seen off by Capt D. Train to Berwick. Interesting discussion in carriage joined on the authority of R. C. Church between R. C. Priest and Methodist minister. Missed connection at Aberdeen arrived Berwick 9:40 met by Price overnight stay.
Fri July 16
Off to Darlington – met Whiting. On to Scotch Corner then to Beverley ????????????
Sat July 17
Went to South Dalton. Told by PMC how Cicely was wanted back. On to Doncaster lunched in mess and then back to Hannington Hall 7:30
Sun July 18
Telephone out of order

Mon July 19
Planned programme of course Major Harold came at last War Office AG 15
This text:
The ATS was administered at the War Office by a Directorate under the Adjutant General with two branches (AG15 dealing with officers, and AG16 with other ranks). It was organised on similar lines to the Regular Army. At the head of the organisation was the Director of the Auxiliary Territorial Service who held the rank of Chief Controller (equivalent to Major-General in the Army). All ATS units were formed on a regional basis and organised in group areas which fell within the Home Command boundaries. They were therefore regarded as part of the Services administering the troops located within a command.

Came from here
Tue July 20
With Doris drive to Salisbury – saw Cicely met Ann and went billet hunting in vain. Saw Quartering Commandant – Mr Oakley Capt Lee & RE Sub To Cmnd HQ & saw camp Cmndt then to more billets and found one
Wed July 21
With Mary + Price to London. Visited C/C London War Office AG15 subject arose so spoke about change. Interviewed ??? Harrington at Harrods overnight stay.
Thur July 22
Visited Halstead Hackwood there. Thornham tea with Mrs Henekey on to Bury St Edmonds – Janet alone. Dined ATS mess, Newmarket Overnight stay
Fri July 23
Left Newmarket and returned to Hannington Hall in time for lunch. Message from Major Jones that one officer must now sleep at place of duty – policy involved.
Sat July 24
Drive to Highworth in own car to look at abandoned camp – looked dreary and couldn’t tell ??? size without the keys. Major Jones to tea.
Sun July 25
Made new set of instructions
Mon July 26
To Reigate – hut very grand (Avis Olga and June there) Then to Ardingly (Peggy alone) Home for night (Bed + concert)
Tue July 27
Heathfield – saw Canadian G1 (Patience going to have a baby) On to Tunbridge and then by train to London to interview Flack. Returned to Tunbridge met by Price and on to Maidstone. Overnight stay.
Wed July 28
Harrietsham – long time there. Back to Heathfield (Tea at home) on to Midhurst (dined) and then to ??????? stopped by sentry – house full of Canadians Overnight stay (on lawn!)

Thur July 29
Returned to HQ for lunch. Slight crisis about HQ ATS clerks tea!
Fri July 30
To HQ for conference with G1 – Jones and Kirkness about new policy – result 2 ATS must always sleep at duty station. Long spell with Maj Jones about postings - with Kirkness about G1 at Canadian Armd Div Also with Capt Patteson about (clerks) tea. Spent afternoon doing posting and course letter.
Sat July 31
Off north via Evesham and Lancaster found lovely barn just before Penrith (heavy rain) Disturbed night – first by policeman trying the car and second by intrusion by about 8 youths who pushed down door but were eventually persuaded to leave.
Sun Aug 1 1943
Very tired after last night – after dinner ensconced (by kind Sgt) in the court room of Kingussie police court
Mon Aug 2
On to hut at Elgin – both there? Did some vain billet hunting. Overnight stay
Tue Aug 3
Busy day collecting barrack stores for the hut. Saw Nina’s billet – more billet hunting. All to change with Capt Drummond
Wed Aug 4
Left Elgin for Fort George (Eleanor waiting) Capt Marv (gave (her) 3 badges) ???? ???? Very wet drive to Perth. Capt Charles Mc Taggart then to OCTU for overnight stay. Waterhouse- Brown their best cadet.
Thur Aug 5 1943
Left OCTU in a deluge called on DDATS (Scott Cmd) - on via Dunbar for lunch in mixed mess. Deluge all the way to Alnwick (Dorothy – story of trials at Capt Groves came pouring out. Overnight stay.
Fri Aug 6
Left at 10:00 with a gift of jam, butter and sardines for own use. Called on Capt Groves who said there should be 3 at Alnwick. Then South Dalton (Waddy and Eleanor) dinner in mess overnight stay.

Sat 7 Aug
Went to hut at w lunch in mess at Doncaster. Arrived HH 7:15 Very annoyed by two moaning letters from Hazel and Peggy about their new move.
Sun 8 Aug
To HQ and saw Col Douglas about getting more bodies at greater speed. Major Jones told ATS couldn’t sleep at Zero which shattered him but then told him I’d got some stores at Elgin he recovered.
Mon 9 Aug
Tue 10 Aug 1943
Train to London – interviewed Olive. To AG15 to meet Col Douglas - both saw Director ATS (Mrs Whatley) together about necessity for filling establishment return to Hannington Hall
Wed 11 Aug
Drive to Taunton in own car – had session with all 3 there Picnic dinner. Overnight stay
Thur 12 Aug
Left 09:45 but got involved in convoys and much delayed. Picnic lunch Hannington Hall at 2:00
Fri 13 Aug
Train to London – saw director and deputy arranged ??? ???? battle dress as policy is being revised. Returned Hannington Hall – Turner, Rigby and Waterhouse Brown have arrived for course.
Sat 14 Aug
Signals had new offices all day. Ford Delamere and Desmond Kirkness arrived to discuss Sgt + Ann Ellis – Hughes arrived. Major Jones and Mr Oakley Broadcast by car on S. Coast
Sun 15 Aug 1943
Another all day session for course at CH. Course always all day – Maj J we are ?? ??? scheme?
Mon 16 Aug
Ann Gunter, Purvis – Smith, Fox and Pearce arrived for refresher course.
Tue 17 Aug
Course going well. Ann and June want to know when a relief will be sent to Reigate.

Wed 18 Aug
Drove to HQ to see Maj Jones and Desmond Kirkness. Afternoon on range with Ned Fingland helping Oxo At 10pm Janet, Rigby, Turnerpicked up Ned
Thur 19 Aug
Course ??? Wendy arrived ?? and ?? and had a great tussle with stencil
Fri 20 Aug
Train to London. AG.16 to interview attractive little Thurew return Hannington Hall.
Sat 21 Aug
Trouble with car then ditched it in turning extracted by ?? ???? Adj
Sun 22 Aug
To Wendover. Billets provisionally booked (Spartan billets) On to Bury St Edmonds (Bettine and Kay) saw Hilary in her billet then back to Newmarket called AB Overnight stay.
Mon 23 Aug 1943
Picked up Bettine and off to Ousden for billets search involved RAMC unit – naive old man in Domesday book house who had lost both legs and maid at Dalham Hall 4 miles off. Dropped Bettine at 3:30 slept at Thornham. Back to Bury St Edmunds (fish & chips). Back to Dalham Hall where billet found with Major Phillips daughter in law. Overnight stay. Price YW BT in MV Thimont office
Tue 24 Aug
Breakfast at Hillary’s billet then to Halstead (Hackwoods) Over Gravesend ferry on to Harrietsham (Phyllis Sally?) Maidstone overnight. ?? Police found billet. Price in YW
Wed 25 Aug
Visited Heathfield then O i/c Barracks (Officer in charge) Battle and back to home??? Seems to start at Newick Kings Head
Thur 26 Aug
Called at Ardingly then on to Reigate (lunched in mess) and so back to Hannington Hall.
Fri 27 Aug
Telephones out of order all day! Drove to HQ after tea and used theirs.
Sat 28 Aug
Major Jones for tea.
Sun 29 Aug
Doris to Wendover to see about billets.
Mon 30 Aug
London by Col Ramsay’s transport. On to No 1 WDSB for lunch very helpful discussion called at AG.16 (0) – picked up by G1 from Hobart house and returned to HQ
Tue 31 Aug

Wed 1 Sep 1943
Drove to HQ for refresher course. B??? Set off for Wendover 2pm – met Janet and Barden for tea in palatial billet – to site – very well rigged up in 3 ton lorry and tent occupied by most mixed population. Returned Hannington Hall
Thur 2 Sep

Left 3:30 for Taunton. Visited ATS Coy about Ralph – night to the Grahams only Priscilla of the three there. Called on Barrack Office and won from him 3 biscuits, knife, spoon and fork and a P???
Fri 3 Sep
To Salisbury Joan lunched in mess with Ann – met Maj Kin?? And new very young Maj Forbes at hut. Picked mushrooms – drive along coast to near Roedean and cooked our dinner (scrambled eggs and mushrooms) Stopped by a ??? and bearded RAF ??? for hot water. Also given tea sausage and tomato. Slept in truck in lovely pinewood.
Sat 4 Sep 1943
Cooked our breakfast brought mugs of tea by RAF Regt man Visited Heathfield and Harrietsham (with mushroom lunch in between) Heathfield went to Zero while there and Harrietsham was installed. Overnight Camp 20 (new ?)
Sun 5 Sep
Visited Wendover – both to camp for lunch. Called in Reigate and Ardingly Zero and so home.
Mon 6 Sep
Left 9:30 for Harrietsham at Zero all going well. Found mushroom field again excellent lunch with them and fried fish. Called Heathfield and back home for tea after Black berrying!
Tue 7 Sep
Left for Hannington Hall – found mushrooms and had very good lunch. Back to Hannington Hall – Mary tea at Mrs Bouverie and Davis still away on exercise.
Wed 8 Sep
Thur 9 Sep
Fri 10 Sep
WO AG.15 Interview Sub Gregory Return Hannington Hall by train.
Sat 11 Sep
Major J came to tea to plan new move
Sun 12 Sep
Elgin rang up – Olga had died
Mon 13 Sep
To Doncaster, cooking lunch on way – tea at 10:00. Scotch Corner good driver arrived at NCOS school Nevill’s x at 8:45 Overnight tent
Tue 14
Train from Newcastle to Elgin = phoned Doris AG.15 have posted two unknown bods and want answers ???? Overnight stay at Joan’s billet at the MacKerry’s
Wed 15 Sep
Met G1 at Capt Drummonds taken to aerodrome and pushed into 4 engined Lancaster bomber flew off terrified! Landed near Newark. Given lunch by WAAFS and Adjt produced car to Station. Reached London 6:30 and found AG.15 had done nothing! Overnight stay London Awoken 3 am by bombs going off.
Thur 16 Sep
AG.16 about establishment. Lunch officers club. Interviewed Cpl York – quite unsuitable. Long time at London Dist HQ. Tried to get back to Elgin by air eventually got train ?? Newcastle at 5:30
Fri 17 Sep
Borrowed car from Moray sub area visited them Barrack officers and hut. Visited lady Robertson At College. Overnight stay
Sat 18 Sep
Train at 9:16 to Berwick – met by Price Overnight

Sun 19 Sep
Capt Grover cooked lunch – tea at Scotch Corner and then South Dalton. Dinner at Generals mess – PMC disclosed that Waddy had very good compassionate grounds for not being moved.
Mon 20 Sep
Left South Dalton at 10:00 complete with mushrooms visited G1 at Catterick about Coal and Elsan On way home met Maj Jones reached Hannington Hall at 10:10 pm “in a daze”
Tue 21 Sep
Capt Barker? ‘blew in’ to Hannington Hall at 2:30
Wed 22 Sep
Request to Commander that Doris and Joan should each wear a local 3rd pip
Thur 23 Sep
Fri 24 Sep
Visited Thorham – cooked own lunch mushrooms again – to Halstead for good tea. Drove back through London – cooked dinner in Kensington Return to Hannington Hall 11:45
Sat 25 Sep
Commander ??? (Lord Glanusk) and he is in favour of everyone wearing full canonicals and gongs but cannot authorise local ??? Major Jones to lunch Maj Walker GHQ rang to say GHQ will authorise carriage and baggage or warrant. Hot water on Tue & Fri ?
Sun 26 Sep

Drove to HQ at request of G.1 Phillip Tallants last day – new Capt Hancock G1 asked BT not to go to GHQ.
Mon 27 Sep
Bell, Hough, Harrington, Thurlew, go to GHQ. Caregson and Hopkins arrived.
Tue 28 Sep
Major Jones to tea to discuss ‘red and blue officers. – to HQ in own car to see the C.O. who told Lady Lawrence he would only let me go for a really good job and that promotion for Joan and Doris must be approved by DATS. Returned Hannington Hall in Sig car informed Joan unofficially about complaint against her.
Wed 29 Sep
Train to London. Interview Sub Gwynne then 3 more. Return Hannington Hall
Sat 2 Oct 1943
Collected car & Drove to Reigate all well except for great moan re bicycle from Ardingly – called there Peggy in billet – adverse report unless - - - - - -
Tue 12 Oct
Drove to London via Heathfield and Harrietsham (Wendy and Freddie appeared) Overnight stay.
Wed 13 Oct
Lunch at ????? 4 interviews after lunch – only one suitable. Drove back to Hannington Hall.
Thur 14 Oct
(Birthday) Mary, Joan and Doris sang outside my room at crack of dawn! Doris went to Wendover to meet Winifred and Marjorie at new station.
Fri 15 Oct

Cleared telephone A/C ???? ????? ?????
Sat 16 Oct
Wrote about Browns resignation. Rang AG.16(b) – re OCTU board not being ???? until late Nov to see her they want her at once!
Sun 17 Oct
Mon 18 Oct
Drove to No 2 OCTU picked up C/Cdr Verney settled the fate of Robertson on way to London to be turned down. Visited AG.15 about Robertson & demob 36[?] about Patience. On to Halstead Thurlow happy. Capt Childe to dinner. Overnight stay.
Tue 19 Oct
Visited Olga and June – had Hilary to lunch in BSE (Bury St Edmunds) then on to Ousden (Hasel and Gregson) drove to HQ and returned Hannington Hall at 10:30
Wed 20 Oct
WO want Hilary on 28th in exchange Gwynne on 18th Major J came to discuss this. Fox to be new store officer
Thur 21 Oct
DAB has resigned – informed by Nina and Hopkins. Tea at Scotch Corner saw Margaret Whiting. On to Newcastle for the night.
Fri 22 Oct 1943
Capt Gr?? Came and talked. On to Aberdeen met by Capt Drummond in Aberdeen inside hut. Overnight stay at ???
Sat 23 Oct
Spent all morning with 3 in hut. T???? much improved. Drummond to lunch. Train to Edinburgh
Sun 24 Oct
Talked about break up of OCTU then caught train to Berwick met by Priest on to Alnwick tea with Janet and Lynette helped JC filing Overnight stay.
Mon 25 Oct
To South Dalton to see Michael Farrer – very keen. Waddy now engaged should not return. Dinner in mess With Cicily in one hut
Tue 26 Oct
Left 9:30 and went over Hull ferry. Fog slowed them down. Wendover at 7:00 found Bowden alone. Fog so bad stayed overnight at Thame.
Wed 27 Oct
Train to London Dicken interview
Thur Oct 28 1943
Visited D???? 36 – who won’t grant Peggy Brown?? Release. AG18 say all recruiting is off. Train for Newcastle.
Oct 29
Capt. Grover? Sent car for Alnwick billet hunting. Good lunch with Janet & Lynette in hut. Saw captain Thouron about move. Then to Alnwick Sub-Area HQ – Thouron good tea – Atkinson and Dr Novis there as well. Back to Newcastle took the Groves? To theatre.
Oct 30
8.15 train to Oxford met by Doris
Oct 31
Drove to Heathfield to meet Major Jones and Dickens was discussed. Mrs Whately new DATS. O/N at home. Petrol to get back supplied by Canadian Unit.
Nov 1
Drive to Ardingly – Behline? & Kay upset them by writing name in the dust. Visited local barrack officer about Elsan. On to Reigate lunched up in hut saw ???? Waddy and Pamela . Back to HH. Took Doris and Joan to Oxo’s farewell party. 6 candidates arrived for course. Captains Hancock and Neale at HH.
Nov 2
Major Jones came to tea to discuss planned new move and decided to give Dicken An adverse report much telephoning and wire after he left.
Nov 3
Drove to HQ to see C.O.- will back up bad report on Dicken . Met on way back and asked him to tea. G1 shown over HH and discussed many points including the car which has to go. GII SD and O.C. have been told to lay on transport when she goes North. Got off posting instructions.
Nov 4
Major Jones rang up to say Heathfield is closing Came to tea and everything rearranged. He, Captain Hancock and Oak??
Nov 5
After lunch on range with course. Captains Oxo and Hancock there. Did well with automatic and a revolver but badly with the Sten Gun. Before dinner the ‘General’ Colonel Douglas, rang up from from Watchfield to say that he and Captain Hancock were at RAF party and we must go – He sent transport. Rounded up 3 from course.
Nov 6
Aux? Left.
Nov 7
Nov 8
N.C.O. meeting 6.30pm
Nov 9
Privates Meeting. Car sent to meet Betty Dicken at 1800 for adverse? report – did not come.
Nov 10
Rang Kitty Hill’s.- Betty D had not slept in billet. Rang Muriel Vaile – no news. Drove over after lunch met Kitty at Heathfield at 9.30 pm found Betty gassed. Rang HQ and Sigs from hut. Mr Oakey and Freddie arrived with 2 men at 12.30. Mr O drove her car and both stayed at her home (Chailey). O/N
Nov 11
Went with Mr Oakie to Lewes and then Battle for Coroner. Gave Kitty lunch and then saw police. Drove to Reigate. Lady Carlisle most helpful. Dined with Avis? And Ann in mixed mess and drove home in moonlight.
Nov 12
Heathfield cleared Hut with Kitty then met Dr Vaile and Miss Perrow (Nurse) took them to Police then to inquest from which press excluded. Packed all Betty’s belongings . O/N at home.
Nov 13
Drove to Heathfield and collected luggage dropped it at Miss P’s in Aldershot
Nov 14
J. To tea. Back to HH.
Nov 15

To Shaftsbury (Price driving) – hospital case. and then Salisbury for stationary supplies. Visited Hut - shown the super zero by Mr Gartner. On to Barrack Officer – very helpful. Then to Ann? About changing her mind. – Mickie to come as Store Officer. Had letter from the Commander. Price lost way. HH at 21.00.
Nov 16
Went to funeral (BD’s) with Doris – very quiet. Cremation at Brookwood. Spoke to no one. Doris’s home for tea.
Nov 17
Inquest proceedings arrived – saw Major Jones at HQ. Afternoon spent doing new move letters.
Nov 18
Sent off batteries and surplus stores. Had letters from Dr Maurice Valie and Miss Perrow brought by Mr Oakie. Olger rang – Heather Bell had had a heart attack .
Nov 19
To HQ with Doris and Avis in car loaded with returnable stores – for Court of Inquiry. Captain Neale, President. Mr Oakie and BT only had to certify accuracy of Inquest Proceedings. Sat in Captain W Boynton’s office until went with Mr O to mess for coffee. Capt. Neale, Doris and joined them.
Nov 20
Mind becomes numb and shuts up from tragedy.
Nov 21
Major Forbes called and drove BT to Taunton through fog and rain. Lunched with the Fingland’s (he goes to Norfolk on Thursday 25th) then visited AB in zero hut for an exercise. O/N stay.
Nov 22
Left 9.30 for Salisbury. Lunch with Maj Fines? Long talk in office with Ann. To Hut (Hazel & Rigby). Returned to HH. Davis has written to say she wants to leave the Unit.
Nov 23
Price drove to Farnham. I dropped D’s luggage Reigate at her? H?. Lunch at Mess with Avis, Ann Gunther, Pam Irvin and Waddy Cole. Visited Hut then to Ardingly, (Bettune? and Peggy) O/N at home.
Nov 24
To Sevenoaks lunch with Wendy & Mr Oakie. Loaded car with bicycles etc. Visited Kitty and Aerlie? At Harrietsham. On to London – petrol stopped in Maidstone but two red caps fixed it.
Nov 25
Interviewed Cordwell at Harrods. O/N at Portsmouth Club – Price with friends
Nov 26
Nov 27
3.50 Train to Newcastle – 1 hour late.
Nov 28
Talked to Major Forbes and Captain Thoron at their breakfast
Nov 29/31 NO ENTRIES

Dec 1
Visited HQ - told G1 about Alnwick - met Marcus, Delamere & the General and a new Officer. MO Capt Miss Bennett to tea. New car arrived. Hillman 14.
Dec 2
Worked hard on move of Elgin. Drove to HQ in new car (seems v nice). Discussed Alnwick v hard & great strain - met G1 and had tea
Dec 4
left in new car to Oxford - train to Newcastle. O/N stay
Dec 5
Spent all day looking for accommodation. Borrowed map from HQ Alnwick Sub-Dist. Tried farms, Halls, a HG Colonel namesake at Denwick ? ? ? finished up at Howick Grange - the only Hotel & Lord Grey’s house. Helpful place. Lunched at Doxford, visited Janet. Back to N’castle O/N
Dec 6
08.15 train to Darlington - met by Whiting with car. Visited Tom Shanks, dropped Margaret at Scotch Corner. Lunched in Mess at South Dalton with Cicely & Eleanor. Tea in Mess with June Pearce. Dropped at 6pm Doncaster
Dec 7
By train to London & then 4.15 HH down to Swindon - met by Cpl Unwin
Dec 8
To HQ for lunch - Sir Charles Petrie, Lord Delamere, Majs Forbes & Jones. Back to HH & tea after planning new move from Elgin
Dec 9
Olga has been concussed, developed painful spots tops of legs
Dec 11
Maj Jones & Mr Thimont arrived at Hut. Reached Ousden, lumps on head. Good tea & delicious dinner. Not feeling well - painful spots & lumps appearing everywhere. Mr T took DUV to YM. Picnic lunch nice
Dec 12
Still feeling ill – more spots. Tracked down MO – admitted to Suffolk General Hospital with Chicken Pox.
Dec 20
Allowed out to shop and get railway warrant.
Dec 21
Left hospital at 11 for station. R.T.O. reported room booked at Kings Cross for tonight by Area HQ.
Dec 22
Met up with Doris – Lord Delamere also in the same train at Paddingdon. 3 Vehicles to meet train at Swindon!!
Dec 23
Back to London by train.

Jan 5
Met by Price in new car (Ford 30 Saloon)
Jan 8
Off to Doncaster with Price 10.30. arrived 16.30. Margaret W. & Marjorie F. Coping with exercise. Captain Shanks & Fingland then Ned told a long tale of Dorothy MM. O/N stay. Price in Attery
Jan 9
To S Dalton – met Tom (Shanks) and visited Zero. Had picnic lunch with Price returned there O/N stay at Doncaster (Dinner with Ned & Captain Peter Forbes.
Jan 10
Called for Peter and left 10.30 – lunch in Stamford – tea with RASC Unit and petrol - more tea at Wendover. HH by 18.30.
Jan 11
Off to Salisbury (SATSO Conference). Visited Mickie. Interviewed VAD Clarke (Sister of man in 11 Armd Division). To Stationary Office for more supplies. Spent some time at Southern Command HQ. Trying to see a WOL about HH’s accommodation. To Hut for tea 3 hour drive back to HH in fog.
Jan 12

Jan 13
Pte Hay for interview at HH – taken to HQ for tests which she failed. With Major Jones discussed new ? and Dorothy MM. Cordwell & Knapp arrived for course.
Jan 14
Course worked at CH. Major Jones came over after tea to plan new ??
Jan 15
Course again at HQ
Jan 16
To HQ to see Commander – already knew about Dorothy MM. A very confusing situation has arisen – Went on the range ??? and Doris with Oxo.
Jan 17
London by train with Knapp. Interviewed Salter passed. AG16(b) to see about cook. Met the Commander there - they had been to hurry up Dorothy MM’s posting. His car for BT to Paddington Station for luggage and on to King’s cross for O/N stay.
Jan 18
9.50 train to Edinburgh – rang Morgan posted!! – Major Jones rang Commander sent him a message about D MM very inaccurate one. O/N stay.
Jan 19
Major Jones & Mr Bradley visited Hut – helped with messages. Lunched with Major J, Captain Hally and Mr Bradly. Saw C/Cdr Whiddington dinning and asked her about Civil Affairs – to call on her at her office on Wed 26th . O/N stay
Jan 20
Train to Chathill with Janet ? heard how badly Captain Thouron has let the men treat ATS Officers. To Hut. Train from Chathill to Newcastle. Talked to Captain Grover – had him & Mrs G. to dinner O/N stay
Jan 21
9.15 Train to Darlington – met by Margaret Whiting. Taken to Scotch Corner. Later with them & Michael had lunch at Catterick Bridge . Back to Darlington. Tom and Margaret Whiting to tea. 16.56 train delayed by air raid warning – all lights out – arrived Kings Cross at 23.00. O/N
Jan 22
09.05 Train back to HH – air raid with magnified barrage? During night.
Jan 23

To HQ to discuss move with Maj. J.
Jan 24
Jan 25

To Reigate for lunch in the Mess – up to the Hut (Waddy) Waddy said her engagement is postponed. - then to Ardingly (Ann with ?,?) and so home.
Jan 26
To Harrietsham just before General Miles – all had tea – Wendy there for picnic lunch with Price then to London - AG.19 not much news about Civil Affairs. AG.16 - Controller Warner told how she would be moved in Feb & no help of getting Doris in. O/N stay
Jan 27
Talked to DMM at Portsmouth Club looked ill and apathetic. Visited AG16 and arranged to take S/Cmdr Lomax for interview by CO on Friday. I am relieving Tetley at Derby - pleased with move. Reached Halstead (F Childe) then lunch in Rosemary Thurlews billet. Onto Thornham then Bury. O/N stay. Rang HQ (3 hour delay until 10pm) to tell CO will be bringing Lomax.
Jan 28
Visited Office – Mr Thimont dissatisfied with stores – then Ousden and back to London. Tea at delightful Transit Camp. AG16 to pick up S/Cmdr – Lomax discussed with CO. Alnwich? & Lomax “More like a nanny” – he evidently agreed as he turned her down. Back to HH.
Jan 29
With Mary worked hard all day on new move. Worked till 12 noon lunched alone. Mary lunching with the Frys.
Jan 30
To Taunton with Price. Kitty, Ann, G Graham Delighted to be going to Ousden? After marriage? leave. Met new I.O. Captain Ingrams – very ineffectual. O/N Stay
Jan 31
Ralph has asked to be moved but is to think it over whilst at Ousden? Called on her platoon officer about bicycle repairs.
Feb 1 1944
Left Taunton at 11.00 for HQ. Major Jones and Major Forbes came in gossiped about new G1

Feb 2
AG16 rang to ask officially for the result of Lowmax’s interview C.O. said he had never been told officially she was coming and proposed to take no further action but he had seen Mrs Whatela (?)! All plans now in abeyance. To Oxford to hand in biscuits and Primus ? to Barrack Officer.
Feb 3
AG15 asked for her to up on Saturday (5th) about VAD Clarke – well timed – can go to Hilary Paddocks wedding.
Feb 4
A leisurely day but did a lot of amendments.
Feb 5
9.00 train to London. AG15 then to Holy Trinity, Brompton. Hilary Paddock’s wedding – great concourse of Dutch Army. Wendy (also engaged) and Hilary Graham also there. Returned to HH.
Feb 6
Finished all amendments
Feb 7
Sent letter to C.O. applying for civil affairs. Joan bad news about her father.
Feb 8
Salisbury (SATSO Conference) then to Hut where message to ring AG16 (o) – want confidential report on Doris and 5 officers are to be interviewed on Sat (12th). Spent a long time testing weights etc with Mr Gardner (?)
Feb 9
Dined with Doris at the Jones? – had a puncture on the way back (raining) neither could unscrew the wheel nuts. Eventually found a man to help. Arrived back at 12.10am.
Feb 10
Sent confidential report on Doris to C.O. who telephoned re petrol coupons handed in at Cardiff by a Mr Jenkins from Pembroke – wrote a statement.
Feb 11
With Price 09.30 to Doncaster 3.15. – tea in Hut with Michael – a second tea with G1 Col. Lambert in “A” Mess with General and a host of Colonels came. Much lamentations over departure of Marjorie. On to S. Dalton first to Hut then to dinner with Waddy’s discarded fiancé, Lord Allenby and Clarke (brother of VAD) O/N S at Doncaster.
Returned to London – interviewed Moore, Chesney, Spears and Peek at Hobart House. (Spears “silly” – Peek from CSDIC(ME) did not want to come) Moore & Cheney to interview at HH on 14th. Returned to HH by 19.15
Feb 13
To Salisbury – visited zero – returned to Hut after dinner at 9pm – Exercise joined by Major Jones who returned me to Hotel. O/N [side note: Cpl Styan going to have a baby]
Feb 14
Major J and Major Forbes visited ?? then a rainy drive back to HH
Feb 15 1944
New G1 Colonel Bond came over. With Mary to Sutton(?) at 11 – better lunch left at 3 for Huts (5pm)
Mar 2 1944
In staff car (Dvr Prestly) with Doris went to London. (Ned Fingland lunching at same place) Introduced Doris to AG16(o) & (b) AG15 & Demob 3(b). Doris put up crowns (posting changed this am) and on to Halstead – said goodbye to Priscilla and Clifford – then on to BSE. O/N stay
Mar 3
To Thornham – saw Lady Milford (Dalham) re coal – lunched with Wendy, Joan Prathen? And 2 friends. Visited Oi/c Barracks and on to Lincoln? O/N stay.
Mar 4
Late start 3.30 – car would not start REME contacted. Had to wait over an hour for ferry – reached S. Dalton 7.15 asked to dinner in the mess. ? in York so on towards Newcastle – at Nurlea’s cross road, terrific skid, impaling the car on a bus stop notice – NCO’s School kindly took all in for the night. Workshops came and attended to the car.
Mar 5
Newcastle by train – met by Capt. Thouron’s car from Alnwick. Called on HQ Coy. Visited Hut – tea at Duxford? – by car to Berwick. Train to Edinburgh. Mr Bradley came for talk. O/N stay.

Mar 6
Edin. Visited Hut – lunch with Capt. Hally and Mr Bradley then on to Darlington by train. Whiting there to meet. Driver met us at Newcastle with luggage. Saw Tom (Shanks) there and visited Hut. Margaret dinner with us. O/N stay
Mar 7
Left 9.30 – lunched in Mess at Doncaster then back to HH. Behline posted ? Officers School w.e.f. 9th – Phyllis Britton? ill.
Mar 8
With Doris to HQ to make a statement about the car accident. Talked to Freddy Childe now installed as GII. At 6.30 most of HQ, but not the C.O., arrived for farewell party. G1, ‘Sapper’ Jones and Oxo last to leave.
Mar 9
With Price and Doris to Taunton via Chedder. Visited Hut – met Kitty for lunch. After dinner drinks with Kitty and Capt. From District HQ. Introduced Doris to Captain Grover?
Mar 10
Left Taunton 9.30 called on Col. Golding Oi/c Records Office in Winchester – found Betty Kanter for lunch. Back to Salisbury Hut joined by F. Childe and Capt. Hall-Hall. Returned to HH for dinner with the Jones.
Mar 11
The Commander came over – describing parachute jumping. With Doris and Mary dined with Mrs Fry.
Mar 12
Cut up the lovely maps given by Oxo
Mar 13
Left HH at 11.15 with own car loaded to the brim – over taken by Doris and Price having wheel change. After picnic lunch horn started and wouldn’t stop. G? ? disconnected it later, another puncture – kind lorry driver took her and wheel to garage – waited while it was mended and put it on again. Reached Hayward Heath (Sussex Group) at 7pm and at last found Mess. All very welcoming – nice room – h & c – radiators & electric fire!!!

Mar 20 1944
Mess Meeting – elected PMC, Mess Secretary & General Stooge.
Apr 25
All travel from Britain abroad banned after 27th April.
May 19
John Collings turned up in Sussex. Drinks at Sussex hotel ? (H.Heath) told her lot of amusing things (Supposed to have said to the Commander “slap and tickle be damned” over Dorothy MM affair. Dodo Cambell off train (after JC had left) and dined with her (? Banned Area).
July 14
Posting to Greenford? COD Gp as 2i/c – report 17th.
July 16
6.30pm – Oxo, Capt. Jones RE arrived with Cpl Mapping – AUX UNITS SD is packing up – very sad – Discovered job seems to be mainly welfare – no admin at all.
July 22
After lunch was asked if she would speak to Captain Hills (famous “John Hills”) wanted me to do something for Kitty (interspersed with his own marvellousness).
July 25
Saw Lady Lawrence (London District HQ) v sympathetic and agreed may be getting labelled “Not enough GD”
Aug 30
P/mt Parade at No.2 O.C.T.U. (Windsor) Greeted on arrival by 23 Aux Units.
Sep 5
Doris met up for lunch & afternoon saw BMC and Betty Hunter? C? AG16(o). Back to Unit with Doris, Elder and Price.
Sep 20
Now a C.O.! Oxo attended CO’s to raise hare? About food for non dining members.
Sep 27
Took Oxo to Millbank.

Oct 7
Had lunch with Alma at WOHU – after lunch in walked Betty Kanter also on draft for Canada – took them out to tea.
Oct 11
Met at OCTU by Cicelia and Waddy. Afternoon with 15 Aux Units.
Oct 15
Left by car reached Transit Camp at 6.30 – Hills, Alexander, Thompson and Clark-Rabtray? there. H & A very worried hearing nothing about course beginning on 18th. Advised Kitty and Mary to ask about them ?AOC Course tomorrow.
Oct 17
Drinks in Piccadilly Hotel with Major Jones. M & K told their course is cancelled – rang WO to see if anything can be done.
Oct 25
Mary and Kitty arrived there on 10 days instruction.
Nov 12
Posted to Harlescott Group, Shewsbury w.e.f. 17th Nov.

Feb 23
McPherson arrived wearing GHQ Flash – know of Aux Units as “The Cloak and Dagger Boys”


Post War documents by Barbara Culleton

Beatrice Temples Contact List pages 1, 2 and 3

Interviews & Visits made by Beatrice Temples
(Only period 28 Nov 1941 to 4 Feb 1942 found)

 Additional diary information clarifying place and personnel names
Only one page found to date for period 28 Nov. 1941 to 4 Feb 1942.