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Stobswood Auxiliary Unit Patrol and Operational Base.

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Thank you for selecting information on the Stobswood Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Northumberland. The info, video and images below have been supplied by CART's Northumberland CIO Stephen Lewins.

The patrol was also known as “The Death or Glory Boys”. The Patrol was based near Widdrington Station and Stobswood, two mining villages in the south east of Northumberland.


Captain John Anthony Quayle was I/O.

The Stobswood patrol were under the command of Robert Charlton Hall a banker by day, a Auxiliary unit C/o by night and a Home Guard officer when he could fit it in !. He had military experience having served in WW1, receiving bad wounds to his hands during savage fighting at Passchendale.

J Headley
G Trench
W P “Billy” Pringle ( Brother of JayPee Pringle of the Netherwhitton Patrol)
Jack Whitfield
Micky Trench
George W D Wylie

Stobswood Auxiliary Unit 1

The OB is at the north end of what was the original area of the Stobswood Colliery and was behind the pit heap. Cut across the former site to the northern edge and there the ground drops away to a small stream and flat farm land. This is now derelict land that was once the Brickworks and before that during WW2 it was a colliery and pit heap.

Stobswood Auxiliary Unit 3

The O.B. is in the usual type of setting for the area, built into a bank side near a stream with views across the open ground near the site.

Stobswood Auxiliary Unit 2

Condition of OB: Destroyed

Size of OB and entrance/exit etc: The O.B. was a standard “Elephant” shelter built by the 184th Coy. (Special Tunnelling) R.E.

Orientation of OB: East - West

Observation Post: unknown

The area along the coast to the east of the patrol O.B. was one of the main NE invasion beaches.

Anything between the East Coast main railway line and the NE coast.

The main railway line and the Amble branch line. The Chain Home Low Radar site at RAF Cresswell. Amble harbour. The east side of RAF Acklington and various road bridges between Alnmouth and Ellington.

Patrol leaders went to Coleshill House. Melville House, Coupar Fife in Scotland and locally, used the nearby beaches.

Usual supplied Sten gun, .22 Sniper rifle, grenades, plastic explosives with time pencils detonators.

The patrol did the Balmoral Guard duty and also went to the Isle of Wight as the underground army for the D-Day invasion.

The National Archives at Kew, other material including a short piece by Tot Barrass of the East Hartford patrol that mentions the patrol. Some verbal evidence from old AU members stories.

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