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Suffolk Auxiliary Unit Patrols And Operational Bases.

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The Auxiliary Units were specially trained, highly secret groups of volunteers created by the British government, during the Second World War, with the aim of resisting the expected occupation of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany.

The guerrilla units, sometimes referred to as a part of the British Resistance Organisation, were initiated by Winston Churchill in the early summer of 1940. He appointed Colonel Colin Gubbins to found them. The Auxiliary Units answered to GHQ Home Forces, but were organised as if part of the local Home Guard. Read more here

There were 33 patrols in Suffolk.
Regional Headquarters

Intelligence Officers

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Operational Map 
Each marker pin shows the centre of the town or village where the patrol was located. They do not indicate the location of any Operational Bases or physical locations to go and view. View a fullscreen version of the map here. 


Suffolk Patrols

Group 1 - Lead by WDG Bartram with C.J. Proctor as his 2nd Lt.
Beccles Patrol - Updated 10/4/14
Wrentham Patrol
Thorington Patrol - Updated 27/11/11
Wangford Patrol - Updated 8/8/14              (Kindly sponsored by Alistair Graham Kerr)
Halesworth Patrol - Updated 1/1/16
Group 2 - Lead by Lt Hedley Rusted who as a local butcher.
Hoxne Patrol - Updated 28/10/14
Metfield Patrol - Added 14/11/11
Laxfield / Ubbeston Patrol - Updated 5/12/11
Stradbroke Patrol - Added 3/10/11
Weybread Patrol - Updated 5/12/14
Group 3 - Lead by Capt George Scott-Moncrieff with LWO Turner as his 2nd Lt.
Framlingham Patrol - Added 21/10/11
Leiston Patrol - Updated 2/1/16
Saxmundham Patrol - Updated 1/1/16
Sibton Patrol
Stratford St Andrew Patrol - Updated 17/11/15
Debenham Patrol - Updated 13/8/12
Easton Park / Glevering Patrol - Added 16/3/12
Peasenhall Patrol - Added 7/5/12
Wickham Market aka Little Glemham Patrol - Added 19/5/12
Group 4 - Lead by Capt DW Beeton with MR Taylor as his 2nd Lt.
Dallinghoo/Pettistree/Bredfield Patrol - Added 29/11/11
Eyke Patrol - Updated 2/1/16
Debach Patrol - Added 30/11/11
Great Bealings Patrol - Updated 26/5/16
Woodbridge (Melton Park) Patrol - Added 13/12/11
Nacton Patrol - Updated 13/8/12
Unknown OB - near Hasketon Hall - Added 10/2/12
Unknown OB - nr Foxborough Hall Added 17/8/12
Group 5 - Lead by Capt EG Pawsey, replaced by Capt JF Anderton with HE Mellor and CH Procter as their 2nd Lts.
Ipswich I Patrol - Added 2/1/16
Ipswich II Patrol - Updated 10/4/14
Wenham Patrol - Updated 1/1/16
Bentley Patrol - Updated 24/12/13
East Bergholt Patrol Updated 9/1/16
Raydon/Stratford St Mary Patrol - Updated 1/1/16
Hintlesham Patrol - Updated 24/12/13
Sproughton/Burstall Patrol - Updated 24/12/13
Copdock/Belstead Patrol - Updated 24/12/13

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