Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Suffolk Auxiliary Unit Group Commanders.

Lt C.J. Procter - Beccles Group Captain.

Was a Civil Engineer working for the River Board.

He later moved to 'The Grove' at Kessingland when he joined the Beccles Group as Captain.

He spoke of his trips to Coleshill travelling by train as Homeguard ! He must have worked a lot with explosives and munitions and I recall a trip to Orford Police Station in 1963 when there was an arms amnesty and he handed in dozens of boxes of dumdum bullets along with detonators, time-pencils, mercury switches, fusewire etc. No questions were asked! These had all been stored in a garage cupboard for almost 20 years at our home in Sudbourne. I guess my mother was quite relieved to see the back of them.

I remember him recalling how he carried a bren-gun concealed in the boot of his car and how they made their own knives out of files, made incendiary devices using phosphorous and rubber, made cheese-cutters and trained in 'silent killing'. Quite a mean bunch !!

Thanks to Adrian Procter (Son) for this info.