Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Suffolk Auxiliary Unit Intelligence Officers.

In 1940, Intelligence Officer Captain Andrew Croft set up AU patrols in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. The first patrols were created in the areas deemed most likely for a German invasion force to land first and hence being the most vulnerable: Essex, and the area of Suffolk south of Woodbridge. In the following year each of the three Counties was appointed its own own Intelligence Officer.

In 1941, Capt JW Holberton served as Suffolk AU's I/O. By that time, 180 men had been recruited and 28 patrols had been formed, with one more patrol in the planning. Each of these patrols had their own OB, with one in the process of being built and another wanted. Five Group Commanders had been appointed. Woodbridge Group C/O David W Beeton's list (undated) mentions 35 patrols.