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Sussex Auxiliary Unit Members.


This page was last updated on 27/4/17


We have placed all the Auxiliers we are aware of currently on the patrol reports on the main county page.

This page lists known Auxiliers in the county who cannot be placed currently in a patrol due to a lack of information.

If you can help please do get in touch with us.


List of known Sussex Auxiliers from the nominal roll that, as yet, are unable to be placed accurately in a Patrol:

I G Ogle of Iden, born 1919
P E T Paddison of New Timber near Pyecombe, born 1924
L P Greenwood of Swanborough, born 1897
J G H Monnington of Upper Stoneham, born 1922
C Y Vickery of Cocking, born 1907
P de L Long of Midhurst, born 1915, awarded the Defence Medal
Algernon Burningham discharged to HM Forces 1943, born 1909
Raymond H Wingate discharged to HM Forces 1943, born 1923
F R Wright of Broadfield, born 1893
Harry F Moore of Cowfold, born 1896
A Warner of Bownhurst Cottages, born 1908
W Warnock of Cuckfield, born 1897
J W Curtis possibly from Cuckfield, left Unit, born 1891
G P Cross of Cuckfield, born 1910
W E Davies of Forest Row, born 1907(9)
M C Main of Forest Row, born 1908
J Wigmore of Sharpthone, born 1904
P H Summers of East Grinstead, born 1909
Walter A Renwick of Burwash, born 1907
E J Talbot of Heathfield, born 1885
A Terry of Bexhill, born 1899
H L Scutt, born 1906, "returned to Unit 1944"
A E Bowley, born 1901, transfered to 13th Home Guard 1943
A J Muddle, born 1883, "returned to Unit"
C C Burgh, born 1910, "returned to Unit 1943
F H Yates, born 1913, discharged to HM Forces 1941
J R Le Marchand, born 1923, transfered to Home Guard 1943
P L Dalglish of Haselmere born 1916
H L Ireland of Rudgwick born 1903
C F Williams, born 1896, discharged to HM Forces 1941
Les Edwards

D B COOKE of Stone (actually in Kent) bn 1919
W M CHITTY bn 1/6/15 transfered to 8th Bn HG.
Please contact us if you can help.