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Swineshead (5c) Auxiliary Unit and Operational Base.

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Swineshead was part of group 5 along with Kirton, Swaton and Donington Patrols.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

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The original Intelligence Officer was Captain Donald Hamilton-Hill who went on to join SOE (Special Operations Executive). He was succeeded by Captain William M B Lamb and finally Major H L F Bucknall.

Hamilton-Hill's original Headquarters at Wellingore Hall was quickly requestioned by the RAF as was the second at Blankney Hall. The third and final move was to Dalby Hall and just before stand down, administration was moved to North Bar Within Beverley, Yorkshire.

The Area “North 3” Commander was Captain Leslie I Clark

Group commander of group 5 was the same Captain Leslie I Clark

Currently unknown.

Sergeant Sidney Grant
Corporal William “Bill” Thorpe
Private Ernest Frederick “Eddie” Wellberry
Private Reginald “Reg” Wellberry
Private A “Reg” Jessop
Private Arthur Burrell

Remembered as part of the Patrol but not on the nominal roll was Jack Macorie.

The patrols first OB was thought to have been in the area of Royalty Farm near Swineshead Bridge. It is presently unknown it there are any remains.

South Forty Foot Drain, Swineshead. © Copyright Rodney Burton

This was abandoned in favour of a better OB near the medieval motte castle at Manwarings. Sixty years on, Cecil Thornalley of Dalby Patrol visited and described it as “luxury”. It is thought to be intact.

Manwarings: aerial 2014. © Copyright Chris

Currently unknown.

Wellingore then Blankney and Dalby Hall were the headquarters for the Lincolnshire Auxiliary Units so they certainly would have trained at them at some time.

It is assumed they were issued with the standard arms and explosives.

Each Patrol was issued with a gallon of rum. Just before an inspection by Captain Leslie Clarke someone in the Swineshead patrol managed to drop and break the jar, spilling the contents. Captain Clarke commented he “could smell them from a mile away”.

In an interview published in the Lincoln Echo, Eddie Welberry was quoted : “There was the Home Guard to go into but I wasn't very keen on that. We didn't know what we were signing up to but it was a case of wanting to do anything to defend the country. We were issued with amazing set of supplies – revolvers and Sten guns, hand grenades , knives and plastic explosives.

We trained using real explosives, brought down trees, that sort of thing. No one from the surrounding area took much notice of a few extra explosions going off.

We used to go out at night attacking different villages. There would be a target in the village we had to aim for and put a plastic explosive on it. The army would be there and know we were coming and they had to try and stop us.
I Supose if they had landed it would have been pretty fightening“.

Eddie Welberry (left) and Cyril Thornalley ( Dalby Patrol) looking at Swineshead Patrol's OB in 1997.

Defence of Britain database complied by Mark Sansom.
The Secret Army by Mark Sansom – Lincolnshire Heritage Booklets.
Dr Will Ward.
Lincoln Echo 1/10/97

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