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Thurso Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thurso is the northernmost town on the British mainland and situated at the northern terminus of the A9, making it a strategically important location with regards to ease of access to the south of Scotland.

Auxiliary Units number 1 Area: 
Area Group Commander: Captain A.J. Thomson [Admin Officer for 1, 2, 3 and 4 Groups]
Assistant Area Commander Lt J. Coghill

Not known.

Sgt A. Swanson [Patrol Leader]
J. Angus
S. Brochie
D. Mackenzie
A. Lindsay
B. Henderson

Slight variation regarding names of Patrol members within the WO 199/3388 files, the above nominal role for this patrol was from October 1942, the patrol is scored out on the WO199/3388 File, but the comment at the end of the patrol names on this file is unreadable to some extent.

Between the railway line and the high banking of the river Thurso, where a stream has cut a gully into the banking, a patch of gorse now conceals the location of the OB.

Very little remains, odd section of corrugated sheet.

Orientation of OB: North/south [with main access to the north- mention is made of a door that slid out on rails]
Observation Post: Nothing found.

Nearby rail line, although a little too close!! Scrabster harbour including the supply routes to and from it, which includes the A9 junction/spur and other ad-hoc targets of choice, or supplement other patrols post invasion.

Training given by Scout section at Halkirk, demolition training at a nearby quarry in the vicinity between Janetstown and Glengolly.

Unknown at this time but assumed they had the standard weapons & explosives.

Nothing currently.

Geoff Leet
Major Hancock files
201 Nominal roles WO199/3388

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