Churchill's British Resistance - The Auxiliary Units


Extracts From The Wartime Diaries Of Captain Cyril and Doris Wellington

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By Kind permission of their daughters Miss A Wellington and Mrs M Gardner.

CART additions are in brackets though some abbreviations have been expanded. Definite Auxunit info in red but some HG references may also be Auxunit references.

References to Elfordleigh are Aux related. Boringdon House is possibly HG. Slade is Aux unit training area along with Cleeve and Ivybridge.

Mrs Wellington continues to refer to her husband’s activities as HG. Cyril still calls his activities HG though he seems to continue with HG at the same time as Aux. Aux first called by name 1942.


Monday 17th June 1940
France Capitulated, Cyril joined LDV

Tuesday 18th June
LDV practice

Thursday 20th June
Cyril LDV practice

Sunday 23rd June
Cyril LDV practice on moors.

Monday 24th June
LDV parade

Thursday 27th June
LDV parade

Friday 28th June
FIRST ALARM IN PLYMOUTH. Both slept didn’t hear a sound.

Saturday 29th June
Cyril first LDV duty 12-4 am

Sunday 30th June
Lovely day, sat in garden, FIRST ALARM IN PLYMPTON 1.15 am ONLY LASTED 15 MINS. Did not dress

Monday 1st July
First raid scare at school (Cyril is a teacher) SECOND ALARM IN PLYMPTON 12.30 AM ONLY LASTED 20 MINS. Did not get up.

Wednesday 3rd July

Thursday 4th July
Started day with sirens in Plymouth 7.30 am. all clear 7.50 First serious use of school shelters Plymouth and Plympton sirens 10.30 am all clear 11.00 am
Plymouth sirens 12.45 am all clear 1pm. Cyril LDV parade.
ALL SIRENS 11.30 pm to 12.15 first time dressed.

Friday 5th July
Plymouth alarm 3.30pm all clear 3.55 pm . Plane over Devonport. BOMBS ! Plympton sirens 4.45 pm to 5.10pm
D & A (family) up at Ridgeway sheltered in Police Station .
Cyril LDV. Drew arms.

Saturday 6thJuly
Lovely summer day except for Air Raid warnings. ALARM longest yet 1 ¾ hours 11.30-1.15 Sat in shelter
H E bomb Swilly (area of Plymouth) houses demolished people killed and injured. Dogfight. Another alarm middle of afternoon approx ½ hour. Sat in shelter.
LDV Marsh Mills 12-4 Quiet night.

Hitler and Mussolini mad about French Fleet, USA and Empire approve. Romania - Russia taken back Bessarabia
Hungary. Bulgaria also layer.(?)

Sunday 7th July
A quiet night, no raid, turned in 5 am . Alarm 11.30 for 20 mins. Alarm 5.30 to 7.20 pm. Three engine bomber over head. AA fire etc Bombs on Plymouth.

Monday 8th July
Alarm 7.20am to 7.50am Bomb dropped in Devonport. LDV Parade , mustering, Drew 5 rounds . Quiet night.

Tuesday 9th July
No raids or alarm. Quiet night till 6am.

Wednesday 10th July
Alarms 6am to 6.50, 9am to 10am
Bomb attack on Plymouth. Decided to convert garage pit to AR Shelter share with Eastmans (neighbours). Started to clear garage of junk.

Thursday 11th July
11 barrage balloons burnt completely. Alarms 5 am to 5.45, 12am to 12.30pm. Thunderstorm mid -day. Cyril cleared pit put planks down. Now habitable.
Did not go to LDV parade busy in pit.

Friday 12th July
Alarms 11.50 pm Thursday to 1.20am, 6.25am to 7am, 9.20 am to 9.50 am. Everybody sleepy after broken rest.
Bombs dropped near Pedlar ( Allma Road)
Work - hopeless in school. Working in shelter. Brin Eastman and Cyril knocked holes in garage for entry and exit.

Saturday 13th July
Up early, no alarms.
Cyril working on emergency exit for shelter. Afternoon LDV shooting at Crownhill used Ross rifle first time. Grenades.
LDV duty Marsh Mills. quiet, very tired. D (wife) very nervous.

41 Bombs in this part of S W in the last 14 days ( Plymouth and Falmouth etc). 74 Nazi raiders lost in a week.
Romania demobbing asking Germany to “protect” them

Sunday 14th July
Quiet night. Continued on work on emergency door. Alarm 5pm- 5.20pm no action

Monday 15th July
Quiet night. Alarm 1.30pm-2pm Heavy AA fire and bombs. Dinner in pit. Cut LDV parade working on pit. Cemented up doorways.

Tuesday 16th July
No alarms. Worked in pit shelter after tea.

Wednesday 17th July
Quiet night. Cyril and Brin working pit. Clear moon lite night. Troops everywhere. Emplacements on main roads. Shelter ready
Hitler threatens invasion to start Friday.

Thursday 18th July
First at home in pit. Alarm 12.25 am to 1.25am, 11.00am to 11.30am.
LDV parade

Friday 19th July
Quiet night. Alarm 11.20am to 11.35am, Alarm 4.45pm to 5.00pm

Saturday 20th July
Alarm 12 midnight to 2.10 am. Better weather. Finished construction of shelter except sandbagging. Tired – ready for night duty.
Sunday 21st July

Alarms 12 Midnight to 2.10 am, 2.30- 3.20 am, 9 am - 9.20 am, 5pm - 5.20pm
Very much disturbed very tired.
Alarms 11.45pm to 1.45 am

Monday 22nd July
LDV parade

Tuesday 23rd July
Alarm 11.20 pm (Monday) to 1.50 am. Awful tired. Small attendance at school. Quiet night

Thursday 25th July
Quiet night no LDV parade. Sand arrived at 5.30 busy filling bags.

Friday 26th July
Quiet night. Got more sandbags. Alarm 1.30pm to 2pm finished dinner in pit.

Saturday 27th July
Quiet night. Cyril to Elfordleigh evening. Alarm 11 pm to 1.30 am. Cyril did not go on LDV duty till “ all clear”

Sunday 28th July
Cyril home 4.45am half an hour before alarm. 5.15am to 5.45am and 6.45am to 7.15am . Saw AA fire all around Gerry- been mine laying.
Had about an hours sleep. Dog tired. All worn out.
Cyril to Elfordleigh LDV Special Duty

Monday 29th July
Quiet night Alarm 10.55pm to 11.45pm “A “ (daughter) slept.

Tuesday 30th July
Alarm 1.05 to 1,30 am. Did not go down. Alarm 7.55am to 8.15am. Drew LDV uniform unpicked collar for attachment.
Alarm 10.55 to11 pm and 11.30pm to 12.30am

Wednesday 31st July
Mrs Eastman altered uniform collar.

Thursday 1st August
LDV paraded in uniform first time. Demonstrated Bren gun and made A W Bombs
Quiet night leaflets dropped elsewhere.

Saturday 3rd August
Cyril on duty. Quiet night

German plane over in afternoon. Machine gunned Crownhill Barracks. No alarm sounded.

Tuesday 6th August
Searchlight 11pm Jerry overhead.

Wednesday 7th August
LDV Elfordleigh 6.30pm
Cortex fitted to Cyril's gas mask. Searchlight, planes over, no alarm.

Thursday 8th August
Cortex fitted to D & A 's (wife and daughter) masks, Ann a larger size.
Cyril LDV Parade Elfordleigh.
Alarm 10.45pm to 11.45pm approx. No action. Searchlight.

Saturday 10th August
Cyril duty LDV 11pm. D watched searchlights. Alarm 11.25pm to 12.30pm. Down to shelter. No bombs.

Jerry making desperate efforts to make straits of Dover impassable to our convoys. Air and MTB attack. Wed 7th Terrific air battle. 60 German planes shot down (16 of ours)
Italy advancing into Br Somaliland.

Sunday 11th August
Alarm 11.45am for ¾ hour. 66 German planes shot down. Channel air battle. (19 of ours)

Monday 12th August
Alarm 8am to 8.30am. One mine dropped Cyril LDV Inspection Elfordleigh. Alarm went 10.50pm to 12.10 am no bombs.

Tuesday 13th August
Alarm 1am to 1.35am. Did not get up. Bombs dropped Stonehouse and Keyham 4 killed.
Big air battle in Channel each day.

Wednesday 14th August
Searchlights throughout the night. Air activity.

Thursday 15th August
“ DER TAG “ Hitler in London ? LDV Parade. Another good haul of Gerry aircraft. Alarm 11.25pm to 11.35pm waited ¾ after.

Friday 16th August
Closed school. 1939-40 Variety Concert. Italian - Greek crisis . Alarm 10.30pm – 11.40pm. Magnetic mines dropped on land.

Saturday 17th August
Alarm 10.40pm to 12.20pm. Over again 2am ? Mines. Cyril LDV practice evening. 4 of us on duty

205 German planes definitely brought down in 3 days. 491 planes down in six days , 555 since first mass raid on 8th Aug
RAF give Hitler something to think about he promised us a weekend of terror

Sunday 18th August
Jerry still losing lot of planes

Monday 19th August
LDV 6.30pm Elfordleigh. 7.30 Parade. Marines have left no instructors. Quiet night.

Tuesday 20th August
Jerry bombed Newton Abbot railway. 9 killed many injured.

Wednesday 21st August
5.30pm LDV police station for shoot at Ivybridge, very good shoot. Home 8.15pm . No alarm
Thursday 22nd August
Cyril to LDV Parade. Issued with blanket and HG armlet.
German tried shelling the Dover area from across the Channel.

Friday 23rd August
Railway bombed at Exeter.

Saturday 24th August
LDV - lift both ways for first time. Fine. Jerry up over 11pm, searchlights no alarm.

A quiet week down this way. German Air Force just starting some more big stuff towards end of week on S and SE

Sunday 25Th August
Alarm 10.50am to 11.50 am. 9.30pm to 9.37pm. 11.25pm to 11.45 pm.

Monday 26th August
Return to school. Alarm 3am to 3.21. 10.15am to 10.25am. LDV parade, heard about subsistence allowance
Longest raid yet 9.30pm to 4.15am . What a time.

Tuesday 27th August
Criminal to open school at 9am. Very few children at school. Alarm 10.40am to 11.50am and 12.50pm to 1.10 pm.

Wednesday 28th August
Raid just before leaving school. Alarm 12 noon to 12.20 pm,. 10.00pm to 10.55pm and midnight to 1.45am.

Thursday 29th August
RAF bombing Berlin as well as blasting The Ruhr. Alarm 9.10pm to 10.25pm. 11.15pm to 11.45pm.
LDV Dowlings last parade. (HG from now on )

Friday 30th August
Alarm 12.30am to1am. Later bombs, no warning, all clear later. Alarm 2.40pm to 2.55pm. D & A in town shelter at Portland Square.
Alarms 10.05pm to10.25 pm. Bombs dropped before sirens. Alarm 10.40pm to 12.20. am

Saturday 31st August
Alarm 9.40pm to 10.15pm. Heavy bomb. LDV duty Marsh Mills, lit fire.

Axis forced Romania to to give Hungary nearly 2/3rds of Transilvania.

Sunday 1st September
Cyril out 10am-4pm. HG Alarm 9.40pm to 10.15 pm . Alarm 11pm to 11.15 pm

Monday 2nd September
Cyril out, HQ Parade Photo.

Wednesday 4th September
Jerry over mid day no sirens. Alarm 9.45pm to 9.55 pm

Thursday 5th September
Alarm 9.30am to 10.05am and 10.30am to 1055 am. Cyril Home Guard Parade.

Friday 6th September
RAF plastering Germany with bombs.

Saturday 7th September
Cyril on duty as usual at 11.20 GENERAL ALARM all services and HG called out. Stand to. Had to continue at post till 6.45am. No incident. Terrific air raids in London.

50 destroyers in exchange for Naval Bases USA.
Jerry begun terrific air raids in London said to be reprisals for RAF attacks on Berlin costing him dearly.
King Carol of Romania abdicated, left country.

Sunday 8th September
End of our first “state of Alarm” at 7 am. Thick rain at dawn. “ D” very worried as did not know where I was.
Very heavy raids in London.

Monday 9th September
Home Guard Parade. Warned - HG – Alert. London being bombed again.

Wednesday 11th September
Major B to see us at Yelverton 1pm
Alarm at 9.30am to 10.15am and 10.30am to 10.55am. Two bombs at Stonehouse before second warning. Approx 14 killed. Churchill spoke 6pm.

Thursday 12th September
Major B delivered Winchesters rounds etc to Herb (patrol Sergeant and bother Herb Wellington)
Alarm 9.50pm to 10.35pm. One plane machine gunned barrage balloon. Cyril to HG parade.
High winds no risk of invasion.

Friday 13th September
Buckingham Palace bombed. Rifles to Jones. (Patrol member George Jones) Wind rising again, welcome as lessen invasion risk.

Saturday 14th September
Alarm 8.30am to 8. 50am. Alarm 8.30pm to 8.45pm. Cyril on duty and did not sleep too well.

Vital period for invasion risk. Churchill spoke Wed 6pm. London had week of heavy bombing attacks. Great German prep for invasion. RAF hitting Jerry hard. King Carol fleeing to Portugal.

Sunday 15th September
Cyril out Crownhill morning - ? afternoon HQ. Company scheme inspection.

Monday 16th September
Alarm 1.15am to 1.35am. Evening Cyril on parade.

Tuesday 17th September
Cyril to Ivybridge shooting, First time with Winchester 300. Alarm 9.15pm to 9.30pm.

Wednesday 18th September
Terrific air raids on London continue.

Thursday 19th September
Alarm 11.30am to 11.45am and 2.40pm to 2.45pm Shrapnel holed roof in Trelawny Road. HG Parade.

Friday 20th September
Alarms 4.25pm to 4.35pm. 2 Planes overhead heavy gunfire and shrapnel.

Saturday 21st September
Alarm 3pm to 3.10pm. Cyril late, on duty. No bombs or AA

Terrible indiscriminate bombing of London continues. RAF and AA fire. Jerrys raid down here uneventful.

Sunday 22nd September
Alarm 2am to 2.15am . HG warning “ Ready” mid day. Duty again at night.

Monday 23rd September
Alarm 10.45am to 11.10am plane brought down. King Broadcast. Cyril at HQ at Boringdon House.
Heard with horror of sinking of children's liner in mid Atlantic. 83 lost.

Wednesday 25th September
Alarm 9am to 9.15am , 12.20pm to 1.20pm, 2.50pm to 3.10pm, 4.25pm to 5.10pm, heaviest yet 20 to 30 planes over 9.30pm to 9.50 pm.
Cyril not home, Cyril out all evening at Boringdon
Alarm 10.40pm to 11.05pm

Thursday 26th September
Cyril HG Parade, Drill Hall, New Patrol Duties.

Friday 27th September
Alarm 8.20am to 8.32am and 8.50pm to 10.05pm

Saturday 28th September
Alarm 10.20pm to 10.50 pm. Had a busy day. On guard 12-4 walked down. Jerry about again, no sirens . Heavy AA fire. Herb (brother) on duty at Sparkwell OP. The last night. First US destroyers arrived.
Germany, Italy and Japan new alliance.

Sunday 29th September
Home 4.20am not much sleep. Alarm 7 am to 7.20 no gunfire. Dinner time terrific gunfire no sirens. Shrapnel fell outside kitchen window and Eastman’s lawn. Alarm 10.20 to 11.35 pm.

Monday 30th September
Alarm 1.30pm to 1.40pm and 9.50pm to . Cyril to Boringdon House, late back.

Tuesday 1st October
Alarm 9.10am to 9.30am and 11.30pm to 12.15am

Thursday 3rd October
Cyril to Boringdon House. Chamberlain retired from public duty - health.

Saturday 5th October
HG Marsh Mills 12(midnight Saturday) - 6am(Sunday). Six men. Herbert on with us. Quiet night.

Sunday 6th October
Home 6.45am. To Boringdon House tea with Captain and Mrs Jones. (crossed out) Weather prevented.

Monday 7th October
To Boringdon House HG serving with Hickman (Aux) and six others. (HG or Aux ?)
Alarm 10.00pm to 10.30 pm . AA fire and searchlight. Jerry overhead again later

Tuesday 8th October
Alarm 4.45pm to 5.20pm. AA guns. Cyril to Ivybridge shooting, good, Browning Automatic rifle.

Wednesday 9th October
Alarm 2.30pm to 2.40pm and 3.20pm to 3.55pm. Cyril Home Guard Parade 9/-
Alarm 8.15pm to 8.45pm. Bombs

Thursday 10th October
Tea at Boringdon House. Enjoyed it.
Alarm 7.55pm to 8.35pm and 8.47pm to 9.20pm approx. Bombs at Peverall

Friday 11th October
Alarm 12.10am to 12.25am

Saturday 12th October
Alarm 12am to 12.15am and 3.30pm to 4pm. Cyril HG duty.

Sunday 13th October
Cyril to lecture at Drill Hall. Machine gun.

Monday 14th October
Alarm 3.20pm to 3.40pm

Tuesday 15th October
Alarm 3.40pm to 4.05pm. Alarm 9.10pm to 9.35pm
Cyril to Ivybridge shooting. Automatic rifle. Single aimed shots. Very good.
Alarm 10.20pm to 10.40pm.

Wednesday 16th October
Alarm 8.25pm to 8.50pm and 9.20pm to 10.20pm. 10 bombs at Peverall.
Cyril's last parade ( wife's writing)
(Cyril’s writing) Battalion Scouts attached to HQ off 8th reg platoon.
No more Home Guard.

Thursday 17th October
Alarm 4.20pm to 4.40pm and 4.50pm to 5.30pm.
Evening Cyril to Boringdon “Detonators” & later up in roof.

Saturday 19th October
Alarm 8.25am to 8.30am, 11.15am to 11.30am, 12.40pm to 12.55pm, 7.50pm to 8.15 pm, 8.30pm to 9.25pm and 10.05pm to 11pm

Germany has got Romania, Burma Road reopened.

Sunday 20th October
Home guard church parade, Drill hall 10.15am . Our special squad invited to join in. Cyril went.
Alarm 12.30pm to 12.55pm, 7.05pm to 7.30 pm, 7.55pm to 8.15pm, 9.20pm to 9.50pm, and 11.10pm to 11.25pm

Monday 21st October
Alarm 11.30am to 12am, 10.00pm to 10.05 pm, 10 .21pm to 10.55pm heavy gunfire shrapnel outside and 11.10pm to 11.25 pm

Tuesday 22nd October
Alarm 2.05am to 2.15 am, 4.20pm to 4.40pm , 5.05pm to 5.35pm. Bombed St Budeaux 7.55pm to 8.10pm and 10.55pm to 11.15pm. Terrific explosion - plane blew up.

Wednesday 23rd October
Alarm 12.15pm to 12.30pm.

Thursday 24th October
Alarm 9.40pm to 10.20pm and 11pm to 11.35 pm

Friday 25th October
Alarm 4.45pm to 5.20pm, 9.50pm to 9.57pm and 11.05pm to 11.25 pm.

Saturday 26th October
Alarm 7.05am to 7.25am and 7.35pm to 8.50 pm.

Sunday 27th October
Alarm 7.05pm to 8.23pm

Monday 28th October
Alarm 4.10 pm to 4.40pm, 7.10pm to 8.25pm, 9.20pm to 9.35 pm

Tuesday 29th October
Alarm 7.15pm to 7.55pm and 9.40pm to 9.50pm.

Wednesday 30th
Alarm 2.15pm to 2.25 pm.

Thursday 31st October
Alarm 10.15am to 10.30am
Cyril to Gwendra (brother Herbert’s House)

Friday 1st November
Alarm 6.10am to 6.40 am , 2.30pm to 3 pm, 6.50pm to 7.55pm, heaviest yet, AA fire. 10.15pm to 10.40pm and 11.00pm to 11.05 pm

Saturday 2nd November
Alarm 2.25pm to 2.40pm.

28th Italy declared war on Greece in the early hours of the morning.

Sunday 3rd November
HG hide out etc. (Cyril's writing)
Cyril home 7 pm from Pamflete (wife's writing), (this is Holbeton Patrol)

Monday 4th November
Alarm 6.50pm to 7.10pm
Cyril to Home guard meeting home 10.10pm

Tuesday 5th November
Alarm 2.40am to 3am, 6.20am to 7.05am, 2.25pm to 2.40pm, 10.35pm to 10,.50pm

Wednesday 6th November
Alarm 6.35am to 7.05am, 6.35pm to 6.50pm, 7.10pm to 7.55 pm, 8.35pm to 9.15pm, 10.50pm to 11.05pm and finally 11.35pm to 12.10 am.

Thursday 7th November
Alarm 10.55am to 11.15am, 8.05pm to 9.05 pm
Cyril to Mr Hickman’s back again 11pm

Friday 8th November
Alarm 2.30 to 2.50 pm 7.05 to 8.14 pm.

Saturday 9th November
(Written at side ) Neville Chamberlain died.
Alarm 10.05am to 10.22am, 11.50am to 12pm, 7.10pm to 7.50pm and 11.15pm to 11.27pm.

RAF bombed Munich hitting hard, Greeks fighting back strongly, RAF and land forces helping, Roosevelt returned for third term.

Sunday 10th November
Remembrance Sunday. Jerry about off and on all night.
Alarm 1.45am to 2 am, 3.25am to 3.40am, 2.25pm to 2.55pm, 7.55pm to 8.25 pm
Home Guard 1.45pm from Drill Hall to Cenotaph & St Mary’s Church.

Tuesday 12th November
Alarm 3.05pm to 3.25pm, 3.40pm to 3.50pm

Wednesday 13th November
Alarm 5.25am to 5.45am, 9.25am to 9.45am

Thursday 14th November
Alarm 7.20pm to 7.40pm

Monday 18th November
Alarm 3am to 3.30am. Bomb Alexandra Road. 9am to 9.30am, 2.15pm to 2.35pm

Tuesday 19th November
Alarm 9.05am to 9.20am, 12.05pm to 12.40pm, 3.20pm to 3.45pm, 7.00pm to 7.10pm

Wednesday 20th November
7/6 sub allowance H.G. Cyril to meeting H.G . Alarm 10.25am to 10.45am and 7.20pm to 8.20pm

Thursday 21st November
Alarm 4.50am to 5.00am, Stormy night H G instr. did not go.

Friday 22nd November
Home guard dance. Great success.

Greeks driving Italians back.

Sunday 24th November
Alarm 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Monday 25th November
H G Comm meeting.

Wednesday 27th November
Alarm 3.50pm to 4.15pm and 6.30pm to 2.30am slept on dining room floor. Worst raid . (in memoranda part) Worst raid yet. Several incendiaries in Plympton some near here. Oil tanks at Hooe set ablaze. Terrible damage at Hooe.

Thursday 28th November
Alarm 11.10am to 11.35am, 12.10pm to 12.40 pm, 9.20pm to 1.30am 2.40am to 3.10 am

Friday 29th November
Alarm 2.45pm to 3.10pm

Saturday 30th November
Alarm in afternoon.

Sunday 1st December
Cyril out shooting (family expecting baby any day)

Tuesday 3rd December
Alarm 6.30pm to 7pm. Baby arrived 6.40 pm (middle of air raid !)

Wednesday 4th December
Alarm 6.30pm to 7.00pm

Thursday 5th December
Alarm 2.10pm to 2.30pm and 2.55pm to 3.05pm

A shortage of milk supplies reduced 10% & more in many cases.

Sunday 8th December

Thursday 12th December
Cyril home guard.

20,000 Italian prisoners British and Greeks doing splendidly.

Sunday 15th December
2 Alarms

Monday 16th December
Health visitor brought baby gas mask.

Thursday 19th December
Cyril out HG

Friday 20th December
Cyril out to meeting HG comm. Dance.

Greeks still doing well in Albania. Italians on the run in Libya.
Scarcity of sweets and chocs.

Tuesday 24th December
Cyril to sing to Troops with Herbert (Baritone and Bass)

Thursday 26th December
Cyril to Mrs Doney, altered battledress.

Friday 27th December
Cyril to HG dance.

Saturday 28th December
Evening terrible raid worst yet. Under stairs and down in shelter 1 ½ hours
Aunt (removed) bombed out. “ Blitz” of Plymouth tremendous lot of damage Mutley Plain, Cattedown, Coburg Street.
Lost count of raids, nearly 250.

Sunday 29th December
Heavy raid in London.

Monday 30th December
H G 11am to 4 pm. Major B to OB. Recon with Hickman, Herb and Cyril. Showery, heavy going.

At the end of a most eventful year. Still safe and sound.
Food position serious but we are not feeling the pinch. Butter and meat are precious, meat at times difficult to get sufficient, otherwise sufficient.
Eggs dear and scarce ourselves lucky - some every week.
Milk supply slightly curtailed but we manage.


The coming six months appear to be the vital period in the war.
Expert opinion believes that Hitler must make an attempt at invasion. The Italians are still doing badly.
The food problem is as bad as it ever was in the last war. - but the public do not seem to realise how serious the position is.
Rapidly increasing aid from America is expected of both sides of the Atlantic.
The night bomber and the U boat must be countered .
All our people are united and in good heart.

Thursday 2nd January
HG to Hickman’s House

Friday 3rd January
Cyril to Damerall then onto Boringdon back over fields.
Cyril HG comm. “ Post Office”

Terrific RAF raids on Breman three nights running this week 20,000 incendiaries dropped first with HE following.
Excellent progress in Libya
Aussies penetrated Bardia defences.

Sunday 5th January
Cyril out HG reconnaissance

Thursday 9th January
HG Scouting Patrol on Moors 7pm. Very successful, lovely night cold but clear.

Sunday 12th January
HG reconnaissance.

Monday 13th January
“BLITZ” on Plymouth 10.000 incendiaries terrible raid many HE also. Casualties not very heavy considering damage
Down in shelter.

Tuesday 14th January
No gas, no electric.

Wednesday 15th January
Still no gas or Electric.
Still 50 unexploded time bombs from Mondays “ Blitz”

Thursday 16th January
Frozen, Still no gas. Electric supply restored in Eve. No HG wash out ( ice).

Friday 17th January
Many planes passing “fire watching” over barrage. HG comm meeting 7.30pm went late after raid.

Saturday 18th January
Cyril to Messom re HG. (Harry,a photographer, not on nominal roll when written but mentioned with patrol.)

Many “ alerts” sometimes three times.

Sunday 19th January
2 time bombs exploded. HG cancelled.

Monday 20th January
No gas yet. Cyril out all evening.

Thursday 23rd January
Cyril HQ all evening.

Friday 24th January
Cyril and Herb off to Swindon for Home guard course. Left 11 pm arrived Coleshill 5.20

Saturday 25th January
HG course at Coleshill Wilts. Awful Day, heavy rain. Bitter wind. Full day. Tired but not much sleep.

Sunday 26th January
End of course (HG) rotten weather. Left for home after 2 arrived 7.20pm.

Monday 27th February
Gas mains exploded in Plymouth. No gas for considerable time.

Tuesday 28th January
HG comm meeting re smoker (Feb 15th)

Wendwell Wilkie in England from USA seeing for himself.
Jerry been very quiet in the air
Italians still on the run in Africa.

Sunday 2nd February.
Snow freezing hard. HG reconnaissance ( called off) but Hickman and I went, heavy going, Bath at Hickman’s.

Monday 3rd February
Icy roads, gas may be restored this month. Electric - many short break downs.

Thursday 6th February
HG first aid . Very good.

Sunday 9th February
HG. H (Herbert) Hick (Hickman) Messom and I

Monday 10th February
Took car to get back early for HG. HG at Slade 5.30pm Glorious evening

Tuesday 11th February
HG comm meeting.

Thursday 13th February
RAIDS Early morning. Heard bombs coming down. HG Major B met us ? reorganisation.

Friday 14th February
HG rehearsal 7.15 for Sm concert. Good.

Saturday 15th February
HG Concert good evening.

Sunday 16th February
HG Messom, Hickman and I after tea. OB

Thursday 20th February
Snow. HG first aid returning equipment. Captain Jones resigned . (HG rather than Aux) HG Comm meeting.

Tuesday 25th February
HG met IO Captain Edmundson re OB 5pm.

Wednesday 26th February
Wild night HG Wet Hick, Messom ,H & C (Hickman, Messom, Herbert and Cyril ) Mill to Slade Box and back. Heavy going.

Thursday 27th February
HG first aid Bates ( not on nominal roll ) resigned.
H & C tossed up Re : course for appointment for Patrol Leader.

Saturday 1st March
Practice mobilization of HG Patrol ( wash out)
Bulgaria joins Axis.

Saturday 12th April
One of our bombers crashed at Saltram returning from raid on Brest.

Sunday 13th April
Walked to see crashed bomber at Saltram.

Saturday 19th April
Lt (Mr) Palliser (? RE ) called for me to see OB re bunks etc

Monday 21st April
BLITZ ! Heavy raid. Incendiaries in York Street (Cyril's school)

Tuesday 22nd April
York Street School. Salvage. Clearing debris. A handful of children here.
BLITZ Worst raid ever. Devonport suffered terribly

Wednesday 23rd April
Devonport in a dreadful mess. School gutted. Only hall and room 8 left. At York Street till 2.30pm
BLITZ Devonport again. Oil tanks ablaze at Torpoint.

Greeks breaking. Empire forces withdrawing.
Monday 28th April


Churchill in America. War situation - Russia pushing Germans back. Our forces making good progress in Libya .
Japanese situation serious. USA, Dutch, China and ourselves get together but Japs have initial advantage.
Very few enemy air raids here - none heavy.
RAF hitting hard at Germany and occupied territory.
Sufficient food - fair rationing - only feel shortage of eggs.

Thursday 1st January
News of second combined raid on Lofoten islands ( Norway)
Cyril to Grammar School field Aux Units ( first time Aux unit named as such) training in morning.
Cyril writing etc Aux Units.

Friday 2nd January
Aux units notes to Davy
Manila in hands of Japs

Sunday 4th January
Cyril early dinner to Oakhampton ( Aux Units) County Final Patrol Competition - Lost.
Captain Falcon brought “D” a pheasant. Cyril returned from Oakhampton 10.30 pm , tired.

Monday 5th January
Cyril cleaning and oiling rifle and revolver all evening.

Tuesday 6th January
Roosevelt announced US plans to produce planes etc.

Wednesday 7th January
Letter to HQ Aux Units.

Thursday 8th January
Enlistment notice arrived. To join R .A .O.C at Lincoln next Thursday. Wrote to HQ and phoned

Friday 9th January
Aux Units 7.30pm to OB. Phoned Falcon (Group Captain) re call up.
Rommel on the move in Libya, may get away. RAF battery Brest night after night.

Sunday 11th January
No Duty Aux Units

Wednesday 14th January
Cyril home preparing to leave for army. Busy evening preparing Cyril kit . He left 10.30 pm - broke my heart.
( Cyril’s writing ) Long cold journey to Lincoln to join R.A.O.C no 7 I.T.C

Thursday 15th January
Feeling absolutely wretched without Cyril.
No news from Cyril

Friday 16th January
No news from Cyril am. Feeling very blue, afraid he won’t get off.
6.50 pm HURRAH !! News at last returning home.

Saturday 17th January
Cyril returning.

Sunday 18th January
Cyril arrived home 3 am. Walked home from Laira in the pouring rain. Downstairs until 4 am. Absolutely grand to have him home.

Thursday 22nd January
Afternoon warning. All clear 3pm. Short warning evening 7.30 to 7.50pm

Friday 23rd January
Cyril - sketch of OB district for Aux Units record. Posted to Captain F ( Falcon ) Sunday.

Saturday 24th January
Sewed on Cyril's stripes etc.

Sunday 25th January
Aux Units .22 shot at Elfordleigh.

Friday 30th January
Aux Units Patrol meeting Windrush (Hickman’s house)
Cyril HG (wife's writing)

Sunday 1st February
Captain Falcon called at house

Monday 2nd February
Cyril ages of Patrol. Called G.J (George Jones Aux). Cleaned .22 rifle.

Wednesday 4th February
Writing Aux Units
Libya and Far East not looking too good. Russians still doing well.

Saturday 7th February
Cyril out 6pm all night
(Cyril’s writing ) Aux Units occupied OB.

Sunday 8th February
Cyril home 4.20pm

Monday 9th February
Cyril HG Welfare Comm meeting. Japs landed on Singapore Island.

Tuesday 10th February
Cyril writing Aux Units

Friday 13th February
Cyril out HG, back 10 pm. Aux Units night recon

Saturday 14th February
Cyril cleaned equipment for tomorrow.

Sunday 15th February
Aux Units at Slade afternoon. Churchill spoke, Singapore gone

Wednesday 18th February
Aux Units at Windrush (Hickman’s house)

Thursday 19th February
Cyril heard to transfer to Stuart Road (school)

Saturday 21st February
Cyril preparing for Mock Invasion
(Cyril writing) Large Scale Exercise “Drake” to OB.

Sunday 22nd February
Cold but sunny, heavy day Aux Units. Cyril home 6.30 pm wore out.

Monday 23rd February
HG Welfare Comm meeting.

Tuesday 24th February
Aux Units notify patrol re Arms inspection.

Wednesday 25th February
Aux Units arms inspection here in eve. Cyril writing Aux Units.

Wednesday 4th March
Cyril to Yelverton. Aux Units recon at Yelverton then to Luscombe's to rehearse for Lee Moor concert on Thurs 5th

Thursday 5th March

Saturday 7th March
(wife) Patrol here blacking. Very funny. Cyril out on HG at Yelverton home 2 am
(Cyril) Aux Units night attack Yelverton. All walked together lovely day but cold wind . Patrol met here.
No pleasure motoring this summer. Basic rationing of petrol after June.

Thursday 12th March
Cyril busy HG

Friday 13th March
Cyril to Hickman’s, Patrol Meeting.
Herbert absent, unfit. Aux Units at Windrush 7.30pm

Sunday 15th March
Aux Units off.

Tuesday 17th March
MacArthur in Australia , Cut in clothing coupons, Petrol to be rationed.
Post ? to HQ. Try to go down Thurs with Herbert.

Thursday 19th March
Cyril to Stoke Climbesland (home town of Cornwall IO Jack Dingley) home 8pm.

Friday 20th March
Cyril out HG

Sunday 22nd March
Cyril out morning HQ

Thursday 26th March
Cyril out Hg Indoors at Windrush.

Saturday 28th March
Cyril off on HG to Cornwall. Cyril home Sunday 2.30 very groggy.
(Cyril writing) Aux Units major attack on Polhesea House (home of Cornwall IO )

Tuesday 31st March.
Herb called up

Wednesday 1st April.
Cyril out HG Windrush
Letter to Education Office from HQ re mustering of Home Guard “ A’s”

Friday 10th April
Cyril out HG

Sunday 12th April
Cyril out HG morning.

Thursday 16th April
Cyril out HG business for a while.

Friday 17th April
Cyril out on HG.

Wednesday 22nd April
HG Welfare Comm meeting.

Thursday 23rd April
Aux Unit OB

Friday 24th April
Prepare targets for Sunday shoot

Sunday 26th April
3 Patrol Shoot Cyril out to shoot at Elfordleigh.

Thursday 30th April
Cyril to OB with Captain Edmundson (IO) met him along Cornwood Road. All walked home together.

Sunday 3rd May
Bad bombing of Exeter.

Wednesday 6th May
Cyril, HG bombing practice.

Thursday 7th May
Mother into town (Plymouth) to see King and Queen.

Friday 8th May
Cyril given leave of absence from school. Cyril off 11 am hectic time getting him ready.
Weekend course Highworth by truck. Lovely day, good run, busy time.

Saturday 9th May
Long tiring day, glorious weather, Patrol showed up well, except in night exercise - too light.

Sunday 10th May
Cyril coming back today. Home 7.45pm. Sunshine, hot dinner, happy, tired. Cleaned revolver.

Friday 15th may
Cyril out HG

Sunday 17th May
Cyril out all day at Thorverton (Scout section training)

Friday 29th May
Cyril out HG

Saturday 30th May
1,000 bombers over Germany.

Sunday 31st May
Cyril out HG.

Thursday 18th June
Cyril HG

Friday 19th June
Cyril, Herbert, Eva and myself (Doris) and kiddies out on moors (Herb must have been returned from call up as Cyril was)

Saturday 27th June
Aux Units, Patrol meet Northfield (Cyril’s house) evening.

Friday 3rd July
Cyril out HG

Wednesday 23rd September
HG Meeting

Friday 25th September
Patrol Meeting.

Saturday 26th September
HG Social Evening

Sunday 27th September
Lovely day. HG Patrol Competition. Plympton Won.

Monday 12th October
Bill Bell joined Patrol

Wednesday 14th October
Bill up for evening HG

Friday 16th October
Cyril out HG

Saturday 17th October
Cyril out on exercises HG.

Sunday 18th October
Cyril out HG all morning.
After Cyril, B. Bell , “ D, A and M” (wife and children) to HQ then to Slade for tea (Captain Falcon’s house) all enjoyed ourselves.

Saturday 24th October
2.30 off to Thorverton for Semi Finals !!

Tuesday 17th November
Yealmpton Aux Units.

Wednesday 18th November
Tamerton Aux Units with Bennetto (Auxilier) by car.

Friday 20th November
Plympton Patrol Night exercise

Saturday 21st November
Tamerton Patrol 2.30pm to 4pm

Wednesday 25th November
Tamerton ?

Sunday 29th November
Aux Units to Cleeve


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