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Wold Newton (2c) Auxiliary Unit Patrol

Thank you for selecting information on the Wold Newton (2c) Auxiliary Unit and their Operational Base in Lincolnshire. The info below has been supplied by our internal archive and researcher Andy Gwynne.

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Wold Newton (code name Swallow) was part of group 2 along with Grasby, Brigg, Ulceby, Hatcliffe and Thornton Curtis Patrols.

Research into this patrol and its training is ongoing. The information below is published from various sources and is by no means conclusive. If information is not listed below it does not necessarily mean the information is not out there but normally means CART researchers have not found it yet.

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The Area “North 1” Commander was Captain D S Parker

Group commander of these Patrols was the same Captain D S Parker who was assisted by Lt S Frisk and Lt Halmshaw

Currently unknown.

Sergeant H Robinson
Corporal R Franklin
Private B Wright
Private W E Wright
Private J Fawcett
Private J E Bingham
Private H Hunter



The OB is located in a wooded area that lies to the East of the village of Wold Newton. The OB hatch lies directly adjacent to a woodland footpath. It is not known if this path existed during the 1940’s but the hatch would have had to be very well concealed to avoid detection. The natural wooded area has many mature trees and the tree line would have given the Unit much need cover entering and exiting the OB. The actual main chamber lies underneath the woodland path.

Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Lincolnshire 1

Main chamber full shot. Very damp and cold

Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Lincolnshire 2

Bed remains on the back wall

Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Lincolnshire 3

Back wall of the OB. A shelf outline can be seen clearly with candle scorch marks below it from a batten affixed to the wall

Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Lincolnshire 4

Roof Vent No2 with scorch marks on the ceiling.

Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Lincolnshire 5

Curved side section with what looked to be the remains of battens screwed into it

Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Lincolnshire 6

Bed frame and mattress support

Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Lincolnshire 7

Shot from the main chamber entrance towards the main shaft

Condition of OB: Very good although damp

Size of OB and entrance/exit etc:  Main Chamber is 7 feet wide x 13 feet long. A 2 foot wide passageway runs for approx 15 feet to the Entry/Exit shaft

Orientation of OB: East West

Observation Post/s: None.found

Other physical remains nearby:
Remains of Bunk beds on the surface adjacent to the Shaft. A large Vent Pipe also was found lying near to the shaft

Just over 3 miles away was RAF Binbrook which was a Bomber Command Airfield where Wellington and Lancaster Squadrons flew missions from. There was another airfield due south of the Wold Newton OB at RAF Kelstern another bomber base for 635 Sqn. It was reopened in 1943 as an overspill for RAF Binbrook.

Not known

Not known

None Currently

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