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Wroxham Auxiliary Unit Patrol

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Thank you for selecting information on the Wroxham Auxiliary Unit Patrol and their Operational Base in Norfolk. The info and images below have been supplied by Aux researchers Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

The patrol formed part of Norfolk Group 5. The other patrols in this group were

Mautby Patrol and South Walsham Patrol

Wroxham AU Scout Section was based at Beech House, The Avenue, Wroxham, about 2 kilometres to the north-east of Bear’s Grove Wood.

CO Lt Harry Ward, Church Farm, Mautby
2nd GV Bowles

Sgt GH Mixer
JL Chapman
RG Chapman
HF Edwards
R Moore
OG Tovell
HPE Neave

Wroxham patrol’s OB was (perhaps still is) located in Bear’s Grove, a private woodland to the south-west of Wroxham, adjoining the railway line.

It may be especially well hidden but more likely it was destroyed after stand-down. The gamekeeper (personal interview) has never found an underground structure or anything else that might have been an OB during all the years he has been employed by Mr Trafford, the woodland’s owner.

What we did find is a concrete base of a former structure, origin and purpose unknown. It measures approximately 4.30 (L) x 1.50(W) metres and could have served as a footing for a light building. Only a quarter of the floor has been concreted over. The footing is about 10 centimetres wide and goes 15 centimetres deep into the ground. Set into the concrete all around the rim, as well as into the solid concreted area, are 5/8 of an inch bolts, spaced at regular intervals. These bolts are quite corroded so this is not a new structure. It is located about 10 metres beside a forest track that, according to historic maps, would have been a small public road or a lane/track in the 1940s.

Observation Post/s:  Currently unknown

Currently unknown

 Currently unknown

 Currently unknown

The site is recorded on DOB as an Auxiliary Unit operational base – “with hatch controlled by pulling branch connected by wire mechanism. Corrugated iron roof. Brick-built store for explosives, with concrete roof and steel doors. Recorder was unable to locate site [Information to recorder from Mr T Colquitt, former member of Norfolk Scout Patrol.” (William Ward, Field visit 1999/7)

Dr William Ward, DOB; J Warwicker, Churchill’s Underground Army (2008); Stephen Lewins, CART CIO Northumberland,

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